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November 2017 Energy Update Part 1

Since the eclipse in August, I've noticed that there are waves of awareness that ebb and flow. Past habits, thoughts, and beliefs that I felt had been worked through have returned for a new round of clarifying, integrating, and healing. Difficult emotions like anxiety, guilt, fear have ramped up seemingly without explanation.

I decided to put this "on the crucible" and see if insights would arise that I might share with others.

Using a combination of meditation and automatic writing I asked Inner Wisdom:

Why the spiral in and out of wakefulness?

We are on a Great Spiral Staircase into COMPLETION.

There's no need to fear this change. What we fear will dissolve as we approach it.

The pieces will keep making more and more sense as we spiral upwards in frequency and further in.

All the unanswered aspects of our lives are getting solved. The solution happens in a fractal way, on the personal and collective level at the same time.

Individual You and the Collective You are now prioritizing which problems need solving, and how to solve them. Will you release them into oblivion? Will you watch them unravel and reform into something else? Will love and forgiveness play a role in this solution-set timeline? These are questions for your personal and collective selves.

Your Other Selves continue this Great Work of unification in other parallel lives. We are all working on this, in concert and at many levels.

The illustration below helps to visualize the complexity of multi-dimensional living. One good resource for the layers of the Self, including monadic and soul selves, is Joshua David Stone's books.

Soul Matrix Tree

The other message I received is unequivocally, that

Scorpio is Here!

This means it's time to make the most of the astrological energies. We can lean into these currents and use them to grow our consciousness.

Scorpio is often associated with death and transformation.

Have No Fear. Instead, be excited because this means that You Will Not Be The Same after this period of time.

For most of us, this is a metaphorical death, when something is very different after a transformation we can say that it has died to its previous form.

The message is to mentally get comfortable with your death, as many Buddhist monks are taught to do with specific death meditations. Begin to move past the layers of social conditioning and taboo around this topic. Take advantage of the Scorpio energies flowing around the Archetype Matrix this moment. Contemplate how deeply universal evolution will affect your body, your thinking, and your relationships.

What will our movement to the golden age look like? You may die to this reality in a traditional sense, awakening into a future incarnation after the event." Maybe you will witness the reality of the event with eyes open. Perhaps you wake up one day transformed from the inside out.

Ascension that begins from within has been called "Inscension." For those light workers that are familiar with the Ascension Plan B means the changes begin on the inner Planes, specifically the 8th chakra.

I have been clued into this change more and more intensely. The collective agreement can be changed most efficiently when we adopt seek to shift our inner world first. Then the outer world follows. Similarly, we can address Scorpio themes like death and transformation on a personal level so that we may experience the great change at the collective level.

As more and more minds and hearts join together in this unified intention to shine light into the darkness, the manifestation of the ascension event grows in strength.

Ultimately we are smoothing what might otherwise be a choppy if inevitable outcome. I have no doubt universal evolution plays out how it must. My intention is that it plays out with as much loving opportunity for humanity and earth as possible.

Part 2 coming soon...

With love,


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