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This was my first time receiving a remote (distant) Reiki treatment, and I didn’t know what to expect... I must say I was pleasantly surprised. With only my first name & the name of the state I live in Maria was able to “energetically clean” me! She shifted stagnate energy, realigned, balanced, and grounded me - leaving me feeling refreshed. Afterwards, Maria kindly provided me with notes regarding the impressions she had during the healing session, which I found helpful. I am thankful to have had this experience. Honestly, Maria is awesome. I highly recommend booking a Reiki treatment with her!

- Natasha, New York

I had a Reiki session today and it was amazing! I felt major heat all through my body, I could feel it moving down my chakras! I was so calm like nothing could get to me after and vibrating so much! I felt when Maria stopped the session! I highly recommended Maria to anyone who need some help! My intentions was to help see through my 3rd eye as it is open but I have a block, I seen what I can describe as a paint splat in my 3rd eye when she was working! It was dark colored that was big and faded to smaller as it turned light! I got that 3 times during session! I have no pain at all today and feel so refreshed and alive! I’ve cried some purging but not bad! I felt my blocks lift off my shoulder also! 

- Carrie

I highly recommend having a reiki session with Maria! She was very sweet and easy to talk to. This was my first distance reiki session and I was unsure it would be as effective as an in-person one but wow, it was amazing! I felt so at peace and relaxed during the session and it really helped me get out of slump I had been in all week. Maria called me afterwards and gave me a lot of information about what she worked on and what I can do to continue the healing

after the session. She's the real deal :) 

- Savannah

I had my first reiki session with Maria a few days ago and I'm definitely going to go again and would recommend her. This was my first reiki experience ever and I went in with no expectations.  In general I'm agnostic on these types of things, leaning toward cynicism, BUT I had an incredible experience 14 years ago with special physical therapist / chiropractor who permanently cured me of my ten years of chronic neck pain in 2 visits, and because of that experience I do have a bit of hope in the uncommon fix.  


Here's what I can tell you about my session.  I felt ultra tingly and twitchy the first half of the session and then I became very relaxed and heavy for the back half of the session.  When it was done, I was completely wiped out and needed a nap.  Unfortunately I had to be somewhere after and needed to drive.  Next time I might take a Lyft.  I felt relaxed and tired for about 6 hours.  Later that night I went to a community meeting where I needed to listen to a bunch of people speak.  Normally my mind wonders at these things and I'm only half listening, telling myself to focus.  This time I was able to focus 100% on everyone and it was so effortless that I didn't realize the difference until the meeting had finished.


I don't really want to know how reiki works as my cynical side would probably talk myself out of going again.  It certainly had a unique effect on me and I want to do more sessions.  Maria has a sincere, humble quality that made me feel that I could trust her.  The session was in her living room, which is a very relaxing space and it gave it a more personal touch that I enjoyed.  Almost all my medical experiences are bland offices. 

I've already begun to tell friends about doing sessions with Maria.

- John

I had a remote reiki session with Maria today after having a period of having emotional and physical discomfort over the last few days. She called me beforehand, thoroughly explaining how the session would work. I rested and let her work her “magic.” During the session I felt tingly & relaxed. I say “magic” because I feel so much better! I have so much energy this evening. Maria also provided me with a detailed report of things she was able to energetically and intuitively pick up, and all of it was so spot on. As she was explaining what she was feeling on her end, I got goosebumps because it resonated so much. I am so grateful for her work & her kindness! Not only do I feel better, but I have more clarity as to what I need to work on. I can’t say enough good things about her. :)

- Christine

I had my first session with Maria and was totally amazed and blessed to have had this session with her. Maria was able to connect to my guides immediately and assist in balancing and clearing some energy. She was spot on with the symptoms I was experiencing. The following day I could feel the difference in my energy and after confirmation from my guides through Maria I was able to understand what I was experiencing. I would definitely recommend a session with total confidence. Thank you so much for a beautiful experience.

- Belinda

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