Speaking the Inconvenient Truths: Mercury In Scorpio Transit

Today Mercury left the sign of Libra, and entered the sign of Scorpio, which will help us to understand our deep and powerful emotions. Mercury rules communication, intellect and logical thinking, and with this planetary position our conversations will become much deeper.

It will be easy for us to get to the core of things, and discover the root cause of our issues. We will see through layers and through the illusion. If you're having an issue or an argument with someone you will be able to understand what is motivating your behavior and your specific reactions to that person or situations. This is the time when some of you will feel like you won't need to walk in circles anymore. You won't need to talk about same things over and over again because you can recognize the pattern. You can see the pattern clearly. You can see what is the subconscious motive behind that pattern.

But Scorpio is an emotional and passionate Water sign, so besides the depth of our conversations, our communications will be colored with our powerful emotions. This is also the time when some of you will want to express how you feel or how you've been feeling even at the cost of getting into an argument that will cause you to say hurtful things. Mercury is no longer in the sign of Libra (the sign that wants peace and harmony) so maintaining peace and harmony at any cost will not be our priority any more.

Venus is in retrograde in Scorpio. Mercury is in Scorpio. And the Sun is moving though the Via Combusta. This is the time for us to acknowledge the darker, hidden and rejected aspects of ourselves and meet them with love, kindness and compassion.

Time to dig into a little shadow work and get ready to come out the other side when jovial Jupiter enters its home sign of Sagittarius. Take advantage of Mercury's transit through penetrating Scorpio, and allow the conversations to take a turn for the depths. It's an opportunity to clear outdated thinking and assumptions, and to create more intimacy in our communications with our loved ones. Stay kind with yourself, and kind to others.

with love,


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