October Astrology: Venus Rx

Momentum is building now back to our active plans and goals. However lovely VENUS has gone retrograde. She rules over all things relationships, tastes, preferences, luxury, money, and of course love and romance. And as she does this in velvety mysterious Scorpio, all these issues are getting that scorpio *intensity* and scrutiny. Venus in retrograde now turns towards the past as she digs through the past.

What values did we inherit around money and self worth? What is the role of past relationships, friendships, lovers on our sense of self? Venus is the frequency of appreciation and gratitude. Where in life do we feel deeply, where can we appreciate ourselves and appreciate the people around us? Libra’s new moon will continue to highlight relationships on Monday and in the coming few weeks. Scorpionic frequencies will ask us to cut things out of our life that no longer work, to set boundaries, and to be fearless in the face of that murky inner swamp of thoughts and feelings that we’d rather not deal with. Now is the time! As well it’s time to connect and appreciate the relationships that do nurture and support our authenticity, and to show up for ourselves in an authentic way, and to show up for others honestly.