Unlocking the 7th Seal

An energy flow update for starseeds and grid workers:

November 27 2018 I received a message about the 7th seal. The seventh seal is opening or will open here for the collective very shortly.

It's been about a year or two in the making in the higher dimensional levels, at the seventh dimensional crown chakra of planet Earth. Anyone working with the 33rd degree parallel has felt this shift in the last few years. This is the divine mind of the feminine that is being reclaimed and redeemed.

The Logos or divine mind has been filled with images and conceptions (programs) that are being cleared in order to make way for this opening. Some will resist it but this is inevitable. And once it opens collectively every person will feel the shift within themselves.

Earth timelines around southern California, New Mexico, Texas, Atlanta, Florida, the knowledge stored in these places from our Lemurian and Atlantian histories are surfacing in a big way. This ties into Egypt and the Egyptian 4th dimensional density timelines as well.