Unlocking the 7th Seal

An energy flow update for starseeds and grid workers:

November 27 2018 I received a message about the 7th seal. The seventh seal is opening or will open here for the collective very shortly.

It's been about a year or two in the making in the higher dimensional levels, at the seventh dimensional crown chakra of planet Earth. Anyone working with the 33rd degree parallel has felt this shift in the last few years. This is the divine mind of the feminine that is being reclaimed and redeemed.

The Logos or divine mind has been filled with images and conceptions (programs) that are being cleared in order to make way for this opening. Some will resist it but this is inevitable. And once it opens collectively every person will feel the shift within themselves.

Earth timelines around southern California, New Mexico, Texas, Atlanta, Florida, the knowledge stored in these places from our Lemurian and Atlantian histories are surfacing in a big way. This ties into Egypt and the Egyptian 4th dimensional density timelines as well.

This is happening physically. There are physical records which will surface either in the form of documents, books, or archeological structures. Some physical manifestation on this ley line that represents the suppressed wisdom of ancient histories.

As the planetary crown chakra, the Logos, opens up and is cleared of false overlay structures, the collective truths about our planetary spiritual purpose will come into view. This may have to do with the energetic buildups on the west coast. Or it may come from the governmental arena in the form of time capsules or technology declassification or release.

As Uranus moves into Taurus over the next 7 years the divine feminine energy of its ruler, Venus, will be transformed by Uranus. Rather, the 7th chakra Venusian Earth energy will be revealed by Uranus. And this revelation of truth can seem sudden, shocking. And it will upset traditional institutional narratives of history. A renaissance will happen in the sense of a whole new way of conceiving our human history with this new information. All textbooks etc will need to be rewritten.

The Crown chakra is the planetary connection to the greater spiritual identity; the Galactic Self. The implication of a 7th Seal rewrite is to fulfill biblical prophecy in a productive manner, to activate the Earth connection from 4D to 7D and thus bringing galactic information more directly into the 4D plane, and to release the energy/information that has been hidden in the 7D back into the light of consciousness. This restores the original function for Earth and its inhabitants.

The challenge they are telling me, is to build the 5D foundation in order to maintain a steady output of uplifting vibrations. This keeps the higher dimensional 7D transmissions stable and reduces the turbulence we experience at the more dense levels of experience. Our 5D consciousness is now put in service to this higher level awakening, to serve as the foundation for the next waves of change and evolution.

It all starts within and from there ripples outward into our experience.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on any of this. I'm writing for the purpose of others to understand, who are in conscious service to anchor in the energies. I'm using my own language and shorthand, and I'm happy to rephrase or restate anything that seems unclear :) Would love to know if anyone else has info or insights into this topic and what might be happening right now with the 'Seventh Seal'.

with love,


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