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The Return of Isis

From the four directions, spiritual fire emerges from the shores of consciousness.

A wind dances across the waters and patterns of information intertwine into interdimensional infrastructures: Infinite dee enn ayy potentials.

Piecing them together 14 at a time in spirals of inevitability.

Divine dispensations churning. Fecund creatrix soup for the soul, my empress impresses me. I drink my portion; here’s to the sweet amrita!

I apologize for bringing this message so late. All month of August I struggled to write and share this. The message of hope was hard to accept but I received assurance after assurance on it.

The return of Isis is the installation and expression of the mysteries of resurrection.

What can this mean at a practical level?

Resurrection has to do with the ability to heal, to bring back to life that which was dead. In regards to piecing Osiris together, it means the re-union of that which was separate.

And so in regards to our collective consciousness, it means the re-membering to heal the sense of separation. A new spirit of unity is unfolding within the global consciousness right now. Keep your eyes open for more signs of this, though it may take several years to fully develop and materialize.

This also means more healing forthcoming in health research, medicine, and non-traditional techniques and applications. We’ll see a unification of what has been considered alternative medicine and mainstream medicine finding more common ground.

In regards to the current pandemic, this is a hopeful turn for the better as practical and effective solutions become available.

Resurrection also has to do with healing the fractured selves. As new energies come in from the Sun (and from the galactic center) we are able to piece together our spiritual bodies that have been fractured over many lifetimes. This means we individually will become “more ourselves” and find greater inner strength and inner cohesiveness.

In this greater coherence vibration we’ll be able to more fully express our individual divine order as well as work together to express a society within a greater divine order. Like a fractal that has dissonant frequencies removed, will return to its original template of ordered expression.

Furthermore the return of Isis will bring global awareness of our common ground as we heal on the collective scale. Hard for me to believe personally as I see so much division at present. However I also see the seeds of unity. This is what this message is that’s coming through, and I am responsible to express it for you as honest as I can.

The resurrection means that wherever we have experienced fracturing, wherever we feel something is dead or has died, that connection between the form on the one hand, and the source (of life) on the other, will make contact.

This contact will come in intermittent patterns at first. In truth this has already been happening. Now this contact allows the living current to flow straight from source. Our higher spiritual bodies are currently processing and assigning this flow, preparing us to receive this.

And once we are in full, continuous contact we turn the corner into a new and joyous part of the journey.

As well it must be expressed, the movement forward takes its place with Horus. That is, we will be forever transformed from the way we were. Osiris was resurrected; but Horus was the ultimate result and purpose. And so we are in the chrysalis right now - on the verge of emerging as something totally new. Especially at the collective level. Although personally we are all undergoing transformations, our relationships are transforming, our world views are transforming. Collectively we are participating in the dawn of a new era.

First we must continue to collectively face down our shadows; as the previously hidden is allowed to rise to the surface, so called evil allowed to run rampant and in this way make itself clearly known to us. It’s a magnificent thing, to observe us collectively doing ‘shadow work’ to dispel the demons. Every time you have an honest look at yourself, every time you choose to remain neutral rather than react, to move into a space of love and forgiveness, every time you become aware and claim your power and sovereignty, all of us are positively affected by that choice.

The ‘underworld’ the lower astral realms, that which was occulted and worked behind the shadows, the wizard behind the curtain, are all rising up into conscious awareness. Like a volcano erupting, this rising is a form of resurrection. Because it is our energy that was locked and stored in the dark corners of Hades. And Isis in her great love for us has traveled the ends of the earth to bring back our lost and hidden pieces and re-assmble us.

It must be said we are greater than the sum of our parts, and that is the mystery of who we TRULY are. Because of this Isis is herself, though a master of healing, only the messenger in this respect. Because although she has assembled us all here and brought us all together, it is the ineffable unspeakable force of tremendous power, love, and wisdom, which actually chooses to reanimate and extend its eternal nature within us. This has no name, no beginning, and no end.

I AM and forever will be, your humble scribe.

About the Artwork

This mandala is created by me, Maria Blanche in August of 2020. My creative process has evolved to include a period of meditation and intention to bring onto the canvas both my individual creative expression, and a greater expression of divine spirit.

There is a long history of this process of inspiration: from the Dada movement of random associations to the Surrealists expression of subconscious dream imagery. Additionally there is the layer of "light language" or asemic writing, where the marks denote a pattern of meaning akin to written language even if it is as yet unknown to its creator.

This process of psychic connection, inspiration, and channeling is an integral part of the creative process and creative evolution. Each artist will understand the sensation of being overtaken by passion and vision, where an idea arrives whole cloth into consciousness. Or perhaps is driven by subconscious or supra-conscious forces each step of the way. I aim to harness this process in service to the greater divine order of my own consciousness, and to continually refine this process so as to bring into co-creation positive and powerful messages of healing and restoration.

The glyphs signs and imagery are languages, codes, signs, and archetypes intended to stir and awaken the multidimensional aspects of ourselves.

Isis portrays the goddess in a fourfold arrangement, establishing the arrival into the foundations of reality. The intertwining DNA symbols are the restructuring of our template at the monadic levels, which create a domino effect into our physical reality. DNA healing affects past and future generations as well. The four corners are held with the pomegranate, holding the presence of the blessed underworld, the transformed Hades. The symbol is of continual renewal and the promise of fruition of seeds planted.

At her feet are fields of crops, as she is the force of fertility and abundance of nourishment. Her hands are blazing with spiritual fire, ready to call in the powerful forces of heaven for healing. Her heart is a fractal filled with infinite love, and from her third eye and mind springs forth the healing intelligence and invention. Her wings allow easy travel between the many dimensions, as she searches and finds the disparate parts for retrieval. Lastly, the Gold and Aqua tones carry the frequency of divine wisdom.

Please stay tuned if you're interested in these artworks as we'll be offering them soon as prints and on a select few products. The store will be revamped for 2021.

Follow me on Instagram @mariascopic and sign up for my newsletter so you stay updated!

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