Lightning in a Bottle

The Great Conjunction of planetary heavy weights, Jupiter and Saturn, met in Aquarius on the solstice, December 21 2020. These powerful energies will shape us for many decades to come. This rare planetary conjunction in the sign of Aquarius hasn't happened since 1405!

This post is a summary of how to make the most of these energies, even if you don't know anything about astrology! I'll be writing more in-depth about the astrology later this month so please subscribe to get updates.

I'm also excited to present this information along with a very special collaboration with Charlotte O'Donnell at Shakti Healing Space. She makes wonderful Reiki crystal-infused Elixirs that smell lovely and also carry healing Reiki energy. We combined forces to capture the energy of this momentous astrological event to create a very special Astrological Aura Mist. I've had a sneak preview, and been working with this spray all week - it's amazing!

Okay let's dive into the meaning of this Great Conjunction.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
- Seneca

Jupiter and Saturn move slower than the other planets, and are considered to shape the larger trends of society and to affect the deeper and lasting themes of our life.

Jupiter is the guru to the gods, and when in good standing gives blessings, inspiration, and guidance. He is about expansion and growth. When Jupiter is missing in action we can feel uninspired or lost to our purpose in life. Too much Jupiter influence is overly optimistic and unrealistic in our expectations, or relying too much on luck and chance to make our way forward. This can lead to disappointment and robs us of success from our own efforts.

Well Balanced Jupiter: Purpose + Dreaming Big

- expansion

- guidance

- blessings / luck

Saturn is the servant to the gods, and when in good standing gives patience, endurance, and stability. He is about limitation and integration. When Saturn is missing in action we can feel impatient, scattered, and anxious. Too much Saturn influence leaves us heavy and depressed, feeling constricted or weighed down by responsibility. Saturn at its best gives us the ability to handle life's obligations with grace and patience.

Well Balanced Saturn: Grounded + Determined

- endurance

- stability

- focus

I find this conjunction very exciting, as it provides a wonderful opportunity to create lasting foundations that align with our true purpose. If there is something in your life that you would like to create, or change, this year you have strong astrological support to do it!

Jupiter gives us the expansive vision and blessings with divine guidance. Saturn gives us endurance and focus, helping to eliminate distractions so we can give our best effort on what is most important. Making our dreams come true often requires hard work and effort. With Jupiter's inspiration and Saturn's focus we can make the most of this opportunity to bring our vision to life.

The Aura Mist Elixirs were created under the night sky of this astrological event, capturing their potent energies in a bottle. Charlotte is a Reiki Master, and has perfected her Crystal Elixirs process. The Elixirs include Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline, and a delicious essential oil blend of Cedarwood, Bergamot, and Lavender.

The aromatherapy combination on its own is tremendous - its a grounding, invigorating blend that makes the mind calm and alert. All these elements are chosen and designed to bring out the harmonizing effects of this Great Conjunction. I can honestly say we've captured lightning in a bottle!

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