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Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moon

2023 Pisces New Moon
A window opens into magical realities

February 20th approximately 2am EST or February 19 th at 11pm PST

The Sun and moon are together at the first degree of Pisces, with Venus and Neptune close to each other at the end of Pisces. Saturn is at end of Aquarius, forming an out-of-sign conjunction to the Sun and Moon

New Moons indicate the unraveling or winding down to the resolution from peak energies of the Leo full Moon two weeks ago. That cycle has come to a close, and space is cleared for another cycle to begin.

This new moon has an extra boost of that gentle, loving Pisces energy with Venus the planet

of love and harmony, and Neptune the planet of fantasy and otherworldly dreaminess also in the sign of Pisces. However, Saturn is exerting a grounding influence to all this, giving us the opportunity to bring some of these ethereal feelings and visions into practical reality.

2023 Pisces New Moon
2023 Pisces New Moon

Keywords: dreamy, romantic, divine, spiritual love, creative, aesthetic, refined, imagination, fantasy, ideals and ideas, commitment, boundaries, duty.
Key phrases: bring ideas to life, commit to a plan for a lofty dream, assume responsibility for love, take the lead on divine inspiration, take practical steps to a creative dream, compassion in partnerships, perform duties with love/artfully, a sweet cooperation, a breath of fresh air, a touching or tender moment, a spiritual revelation.

The uplifting feelings or inspirations must be captured, written down. The practical can be teased out, and a plan can be made, that you will act out over the next several years or so. This light dreamy and fluid energy has the potential to build a foundation in some area of your life. So although the Pisces bliss won’t last forever, the intentions can be a new beginning to something that will certainly endure.

2023 Pisces New Moon

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