Awakening Signs

Sometimes a spiritual awakening can sneak up on a person. A list of unusual or unexplained experiences can stack up before it's clear what may be happening.

Often people turn to spirituality to deal with difficult life circumstances. We may turn to a 'higher power' or greater order after exhausting all the other avenues available.

But not always. Sometimes consciousness unfolds into a higher level of order in more subtle ways.

Right now the frequencies of the planet are increasing (the schumann resonance, the plasma and emissions from the Sun, the weakening magnetic field). This affects every person's individual energetic fields, initiating all of us into new levels of awakening.

If a person has been operating at the more mundane levels of life, she can awaken into an awareness of the Soul. The capacity for love and the role of the imagination, the connectedness of life, becomes increasingly present.

Another instance can be an awakening into the monad. You may be unconsciously or subconsciously engaging the Soul already if you are an artist, w