Awakening Signs

Sometimes a spiritual awakening can sneak up on a person. A list of unusual or unexplained experiences can stack up before it's clear what may be happening.

Often people turn to spirituality to deal with difficult life circumstances. We may turn to a 'higher power' or greater order after exhausting all the other avenues available.

But not always. Sometimes consciousness unfolds into a higher level of order in more subtle ways.

Right now the frequencies of the planet are increasing (the schumann resonance, the plasma and emissions from the Sun, the weakening magnetic field). This affects every person's individual energetic fields, initiating all of us into new levels of awakening.

If a person has been operating at the more mundane levels of life, she can awaken into an awareness of the Soul. The capacity for love and the role of the imagination, the connectedness of life, becomes increasingly present.

Another instance can be an awakening into the monad. You may be unconsciously or subconsciously engaging the Soul already if you are an artist, writer, or creative or 'overly' feeling person. Awareness can expand into the monadic or oversoul layers. This often brings about more reality-bending experiences or space/cosmic interests.

The process isn't a straight line, and involves a continual cycle of experience and integration. These lists are common on the internet, however there is a specific reason why these symptoms exist. It has to do with the mechanics of our consciousness body, and how we relate to each other and to the planet.

Hope this list helps you!

  • Noticing Number Patterns

  • 11 or 1111

  • Repeating single digits like 222 or 444

  • Repeating or mirroring sequence like 121, 545, 747 etc.

  • Seeing a personally meaningful number often within a short time

  • Increase in synchronicities in your life like thinking of someone right before you run into them.

  • Dreams! Remembering more of your dreams, more vivid dreams, recurring dreams, lucid dreams, dreams that linger with you, dreams about unusual places.

  • Change in tastes; changing preferences for different kinds of movies, music, and food than you normally have.

  • Growing interest in nature; more desire to be outside. Noticing the animals in your environment; spiders, birds, crows, bees, dogs, cats.

  • Daydreaming about mythical or fantastic scenarios.

  • New interest in sci-fi themes like time travel, parallel dimensions, portals, or quantum mechanics.

  • Humming tones that come and go in one or both ears.

  • More deja vu, or dreaming of something that later plays out in reality.

  • Finishing someone's sentence or thought in your mind before they say it.

  • Thirsty all the time; drinking lots of water.

  • Underlying and persistent feeling that 'something is coming' or a sense of more

  • Feeling the presence of other beings around you

  • Seeing flashes of light in your peripheral vision

  • Interest in new hobbies especially expressive ones like dancing, singing, playing an instrument, drawing, etc.

Shadow aspects (the Dark Night of the Soul)

  • Bouts of anxiety or panic attacks, if you have never had them before.

  • Increase in nightmares; apocalyptic dreams.

  • Dissatisfied with things you previously enjoyed. Feeling that 'nothing seems right'

  • Shock/revelation that is upsetting; either in your personal life or worldview

  • Crisis of faith, feeling lost or that all is lost.

  • Sleeping a lot more than usual, taking naps and still feeling tired.

  • Waking up at odd hours of the night; waking up repeatedly at the same time, like 3am

  • More emotionally sensitive than before.

  • Wanting to avoid crowds or crowded spaces; feeling overwhelmed if it's too crowded/loud/busy.

  • Strong feelings of nostalgia; can last a few hours or a few days. Mental 'life review' and self assessment.

  • Desires to make amends in your relationships; seek forgiveness or forgive others.

with love,


  • More deja vu, or dreaming of something that later plays out in reality.

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