Do you Know Where you Spend your Emotional Currency?

Emotions are currency. In the tarot they are represented by the element of water and by the cups that contain them. Working with water element means also working with the structures in which it flows.

We often hear the phrase "you vote with your money." Well it can be said we also vote with our emotions. The (e)motion propels us through timelines in the astral fields. Since physical manifestations trail behind our astral 4D environment, that is where the reality-experience follows. If you intensely and consistently maintain an emotion, over time you will be propelled into an area that is energetically a match, and the trails of physical manifestation will follow and reach you there. If you don't leave this area you will see the deepening impressions of that frequency into your reality-experience until it manifests in the physical.

Every emotion you allow is in fact "a vote" towards the reality you are choosing. This is not a hard and fast rule of course and does not necessarily apply to specific karmic situations the Soul has created in the form of life agreements or soul-contracts, or any such contracts the Soul has been deceived or manipulated into. Okay with that mouthful out of the way for clarity's sake, it is still useful to consider the day-to-day emotional currency we are spending.

The path of self mastery includes deciding how to spend your emotional currency.

It's true you are an infinite being, and in the abundance mindset you can spend as much as you like, since you will always have more. So reflect on this a moment, even supposing you have infinite money, if you immediately give it away as soon as you get it then you are indeed supporting others. Which is great because we do need to support others as we move into a more sustainable economy.

However there may come a time when you may want to build lasting structures yourself. In order to shape the results of that money-energy, you need to conserve it, build it, and give the spending an intentional structure to channel that flow. In this way you shift money energy (for example) for a larger purpose such as a business, organization, or event.

Conservation is an important spiritual tool. Knowing how to conserve our emotional energy and allow it to build within us in a constructive way keeps us from being emotionally broke, feeling wiped out, drained, or burnt out. Especially if our duties include caring for others either as parents, teachers, nurses, doctors, or therapists.

The mind and unconscious patterns are like spam or commercials, always 'selling' you a reason to spend your emotional energy. The mind, past hurts, trauma, etc will provide infinite reason to feel X Y or Z to justify an emotional energy expense. There are also bio-chemical repercussions as well to repeating emotional states of being over time.

Within the center of the brain is the control of hormones release through the pineal and pituitary glands. As these rushes of emotion course through us, they affect the physical body in a stream of chemical reactions. Continually habituating the physiology to these chemical cascades creates a feed back loop in the neural patterns that encourages the same results in the future. It can even create a dependency that is only satisfied through extreme emotional release and presents as a life where the person creates "drama" in order to justify or initiate these bio-chemical processes.

It comes back to discernment. And awareness. How you delegate and manage your energies. All it takes is a small moment of self awareness, for the unconscious patterns (which are these imprinted in our biology) to become conscious. That moment is our opportunity to decide something different. And with consistency in this decision we re-pattern the body and mind.

It's normal and part of our strength to be able to feel so deeply and fully through our emotions. Because of this great power it's crucial in the self mastery process that we reserve that capacity for what is in the Now Moment instead of using that power on habituations from the past.

This way we can meet each Moment with our full capacity to feel and engage in a spontaneous and authentic way.

with love,


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