Grace vs Mercy: Dissolving Karma

This is more of a working hypothesis than a theory. And as such I reserve the right to change my mind about it, to deny it or support it at a later time.

Through the power of grace I am free of all karmic pain traps. I realize that "mercy" is not what I thought it would be. Mercy means holding off what is coming, putting it off so that there can be momentary respite. And this works, thanks to many energies and beings who feel they are helpful to mankind. But mercy doesn't dissolve the karma, doesn't transmute it or correct the code. The template of mercy only puts everything into a holding zone for later.

mercy a: compassion or forbearance (see forbearance 1) shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one's power; also : lenient or compassionate treatment begged for mercy

You can see this from the definition of forbearance:

a refraining from the enforcement of something (such as a debt, right, or obligation) that is due