Aldebaran the Bullseye

Aldebaran is one of the four Fixed Stars which form a cross in the sky. There are many of these fixed stars which have astrological significance as to fate or character of the querent. This practice of taking into account the fixed star influence, which has declined in the contemporary "sun scope" astrology of the day, has ancient roots in the astrological systems in Hindu, Arabic, and Chinese traditions.

What follows is a loose collection of notes regarding Aldebaran...

Aldebaran, designated Alpha Tauri (α Tauri, abbreviated Alpha Tau, α Tau), is an orange giant star located about 65 light-years from the Sunin the zodiac constellation of Taurus. It is the brightest star in its constellation and usually the fourteenth-brightest star in the nighttime sky, though it varies slowly in brightness between magnitude 0.75 and 0.95. It is likely that Aldebaran hosts a planet several times the size of Jupiter.

The name Al-de-baran is Arabic for "foremost" or “leading star”,[15] because it precedes or leads the Pleiades.

Aldebaran: eye of the bull.

Located at 15’ Taurus Sidereal, or 10’ Gemini Tropical (or 9’ Gemini per

Acts like Mars and Venus conjunct.

Magnitude is 8 and bright, so it has a lot of influence. Shines red in the evenings.

Star of wealth and luck.

Aldebaran is part of the Fixed Cross of 4 Animals, 4 Archangels, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. Aldebaran is the Bull/Taurus, correlated with Archangel Michael, and the East.

Those with Aldebaran on the ascendant, are lucky and even the gods multiply the influence of these two stars.

Only has influence as an exact conjunction on the Ascendant, Descendant, Sun, Moon, or Midheaven.

As the star of wealth and good luck, it will save you from trouble and provide opportunity. The condition is that there is no other planet aspecting it which can influence it.

If you have Mars also conjoined there, then Mars changes the nature of the star to more of a warrior, leader. And the star will not denote money, wealth, or good luck anymore. More Martian characteristics like ambition and drive.

If Saturn makes an aspect, say a square, then the star will be influenced and changed by that aspect.

15’ Taurus is a sacred degree. Shows that in a previous incarnation, the person was someone very mighty, powerful, special. Probably cautious and spiritual.

Aldebaran is opposite Antares, so anyone with this aspect will have aspects with both.

Thank you Krasi for the Fixed star crash course!

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