November 2017 Energy Update Part 2

The Torus & Ascension

This update delves deeper into ascension topics and information. Feel free to move ahead towards what feels helpful and appropriate for your growth this moment.

For those who are interested in the mechanics of the energy-body and the energy matrix, I invite you to read on. This part of the November Energy update includes some information about light body anatomy. Please share, I welcome your insights as well, as to the changes, expressions, and flows that you have noticed

Knowing that we are all unique, it makes sense that everyone's energetic systems will have variations. We are not going to be exactly alike, as we come from a wide range of experiences and spiritual lineages.

Let's begin with the 8th chakra. Obviously, this is the chakra after 7! This is important because it represents a boundary between worlds.

In traditional hermetic tradition, the number 8 belongs to Scorpio & the 8th house. It's the place of death & transformation. It's also ruled in its highest aspect by the Phoenix who rises from the ashes of destruction to be renewed with life.

There are variations in the numbering of this chakra, but it can also be referred to as the Thymus Chakra or Higher Heart.

8th Chakra - Ascension Glossary

So I was asked to consider the torus field that is the energy flow I am working with these days.

One end of the tunnel can be considered the Particle Universe and the other end of the tunnel is the anti-Particle Universe.

The center is the 8th chakra which is located at the thymus gland on the upper chest.

The torus has come to the forefront as the current shape of the light-body. This may be literal or it may be a particular flow matrix that is being built or strengthened. The last time this happened for me was in December 2013 - January 2014 during a series of awakening experiences. I'd be interested to know if others had similar stories during that time.

What I understand about this message, is how this new plan of consciousness is different from the Year 2000 plan.

Before we get in to that... remember we are now talking about two different things. The Event, which is a collective 3D manifestation of liberation from collective structures, revelation of collective truth, The Event is perceived by some to be a Solar Flash, or a disclosure extraterrestrial activity. The distinguishing quality of the Event is something that is undeniable, that demands we expand the context of our existence.

Then there's the Ascension, the name given to the process of personal inner liberation where we come into our personal truth, and are connected to an Infinite source within us. This is a phenomenon that many observe is happening gradually to more and more people. This affects our bodies and sense of identity at a personal level. One person may be experiencing this fully, and another will have no idea that is even a possibility.

Okay now that we have that distinction between the Event and Ascension. You can see there is a bit of chicken and egg question here. Does an Event trigger our individual ascension? Or does our individual ascension build to trigger a collective event.

The original plan for this area of consciousness (Earth, Solar, Galactic possibly) was that the event would come first, as in a happening in the material reality that would trigger an awakening within the hearts and minds of humans.

However the new plan is inner Awakening that will happen through the inner worlds or Antiparticle Universe, through the 8th chakra which holds the perfected template or Seed Atom, and then out to the particle Universe or tangible dense reality.

Of course there is a feedback loop: inner awareness of ascension: material synchro & reinforcement : strengthens inner reality of ascension: etc. Spirit into Matter

Some of this ascension energy radiates out into the collective consciousness here at this point, the Earth plane. And some of that consciousness flows back into the 'spirit realms' to rain down on us again via the higher chakras. And I believe it's these currents of consciousness that are slowly building and connecting the individual and the collective. So what might happen if we engage with these flows consciously in meditation?

Have you experienced anything similar in your own practice?

with love,


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