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~Earthy Pine~ Essential Oil Spray

It's funny that this is my first essential oils post. I love the aroma experience of perusing a well-stocked essential oil shelf. I've tried essential oil versions of almost everything: hand creams, face creams, deodorant, face mask, cleaners, you name it.

One of the surprisingly enduring experiments is this little "spray before you go" do-it-yourself recipe for a bathroom spray. (Inspired by the folks at Eden's Garden). Once you get the right size bottle, it's just 35-40 drops per full bottle. Everything in between is up for experimentation!

So, without further ado...

Do It Yourself: Poo-Pourri spray for the bathroom.

If you have a stash of essential oils you can try to make your own spray in a small spritz bottle. I start the EO mix with a little bit of Witch Hazel, then swish them all around. After I add purified water and shake it up.

Earthy Pine

  • 11 drops Pine

  • 16 drops Patchouli

  • 5 drops Cedarwood

  • 5 drops Blood Orange

This mix is very woodsy, it makes me think of wearing red flannel eating an orange in a pine forest. Of course you can substitute the Blood Orange for Orange, Tangerine, Clementine or even Grapefruit essential oil. I suppose you can also substitute the Pine with a nice Lemon or even Lemongrass scent. Although for Lemongrass I would do less than 11, as its such a strong scent.

Some nice alternatives to Cedarwood might be Muhuhu oil or even Bay Leaf could be interesting. The nice thing about these recipes is you can really have fun experimenting and being creative with the combinations.

This smell really works for an outdoorsy aromatic atmosphere, maybe favoring the autumn part of the year. The patchouli adds a nice spicy undertone to contrast the freshness of the orange and tart pine.

I'll be posting more in the future on how I use EO's for household uses, to deep emotional and psychological supports when clearing and healing. They are companions - living spirit essences. Like so much in the multidimensional worlds, forming relationship with them helps create bonds and connections for communication. They exist in many dimensions same as we do. Their template essences similarly are attuned to the Gaia body and an serve as multidimensional scaffolding as we balance and tune our own bodies.

With love,


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