The Life Tube

I came across this sketch today while cleaning out my desk. This is the Life Tube; I was attempting to imagine the tubular structure of a 4D human.

Each cross-section of the shape is a moment in time. The radial shape of the tube at any place along it's length is given by the position of the person at that moment in the timeline (timetube?)

The tube starts with birth, expands as we grow in size, and comes to a close as the lifetime ends. It kind of reminds me of those Hare Krishna info-book illustrations.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a time-tube? This kind of leads into the idea that we are essentially donuts. Consider the hollow tube from one end of the body to the other, and how we are symmetrically aligned around this hollow center.

And also let's tie in here the notion that we are multi-dimensional torus tubes (a fancy energetic donut / doughnut ). This idea came up for me personally in meditation and has surfaced since with contemporary energy practitioners and their perceptions of the energetic dynamics. There is more to say in this regarding the role of the torus in universal energetic structures, but that can be for another post.

So now I wonder what would it look like, considering we are a revolving torus field, defined by a time-tube when all moments are present at once?

The Torus Time Tubery Donut Hole just gets deeper and deeper...

UPDATE: More Doughnuts appear!

With love,


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