Card Readings will give you a fresh perspective, confirmation and new insights around major decisions, relationships, and career choices. 


I've worked with Tarot over 15 years, diving deep into their messages and wisdom. 


All tarot readings are done for the purpose of empowerment, personal growth and discovery. I take all precautions to cleanse and protect the reading session for your highest good and outcome. Tarot cards can give important information, but the future is yours to shape through your choices and actions! 


This 3 card reading will be sent to you as PDF with images of your cards and explanations for your situation. Please send me your question or situation through the purchase form, or website contact form. 


The more you can provide context, the clearer the message and information comes through. Of course, only provide what you are comfortable sharing about your situation. I read the tarot cards message and provide my own intuitive and practical interpretations. 


Please allow 1-2 days for your reading to be completed and sent.  


with love,


Tarot 3 Card Reading

Lavish Earth Crystal deck Add-on

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    Los Angeles, CA

    Multi-Dimensional Living is the reorientation of our sense of self. We exist in many times at once, in many places at once. To break free from the bounds of limited identity requires bravery, devotion, and kindness. Above all else it requires sovereignty and the reclamation of wholeness.

    All of what I share comes from the intention to uplift, inform, and support awakening and expanding consciousness. All ideas are credited whenever possible, and I expect others to do the same with my work. We are each responsible for our own path, though we support and encourage each other. Healing and lasting transformation must come from within. All my healing work and readings are based on this foundation.


    The materials written by myself and other authors are presented for informational purposes, intended for the benefit of those seeking truth, freedom, personal growth and expansion of awareness.


    This website as an independent entity, therefore does not permit and is protected from any form of malevolent attack which attempts to undermine, subvert, harm or intend any strategy of attack. Such will not be permitted to effect myself, family members, colleagues, contributors upon this web site or any loved ones that have ties to me on all levels, all dimensions of time and cycles of time.

    Any entity or group visiting this website to partake in reading or sharing the information or product cannot use such to harm or use it in any way for purposes of deception, ill, agreements of entrapment or snares of any kind. The information or products can only be applied to generate one's personal evolution, liberation, activation through Love via the One True Source of the Ultimate Creator of which we are part. I hold these terms and conditions as my statement of Law in applied Sovereign Will to be in effect on all levels, dimensions and time, through cycles of time. It is Done and Integrated.

    (excerpted from Sovereign Ki with some modification)