**This is for the original artwork on canvas***


Solar Portal is about refining and strengthening the Solar Plexus and introducing galactic golden frequency into the seat of power and will. It helps to support the unfoldment of your galactic identity, invites you to accept your true divine power in harmonious co-creation with Soure. WIthin you is the center point of infinite strength and joy, and it radiates a warm golden light full of wisdom and gentle transformation.


This mandala shines the golden infused solar energies. Plays well with Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Chalcopyrite, Amber, or any other stone that feels golden, warm, and powerful for you.


Light codes are inscribed along the side in gold paint, and the sides are painted with gold as well. This portal stands on its own for altar work or is ready for hanging on the wall!



Sun Card : Being Yourself

Inner Child / Golden Child


Egyptian Timelines

Families of Ra

Golden Ray

Inner King & Queen


Warmth & Generosity

Leo / Lion


Measures 6 x 6 1.5 inches

Canvas, Wood, Acrylic Paint

Solar Portal


    © 2017 Maria Blanche

    Los Angeles, CA

    Multi-Dimensional Living is the reorientation of our sense of self. We exist in many times at once, in many places at once. To break free from the bounds of limited identity requires bravery, devotion, and kindness. Above all else it requires sovereignty and the reclamation of wholeness.

    All of what I share comes from the intention to uplift, inform, and support awakening and expanding consciousness. All ideas are credited whenever possible, and I expect others to do the same with my work. We are each responsible for our own path, though we support and encourage each other. Healing and lasting transformation must come from within. All my healing work and readings are based on this foundation.


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    (excerpted from Sovereign Ki with some modification)