Crystalline ~ Original watercolor measuring 10 in x 7 in 


Crystalline Consciousness with light language codes; created in 2017. 


This watercolor carries the connection to the crystal caverns and serves as a gentle introduction to the Quartz Crystal kingdom and their histories.


Radiate the Crystalline comfort and connection into any room, studio, or meditation area.


Soft purple, indigo, pink, peach, and blue colored tones in the illustration, with a crystal portrait and light language writing on the side. (For custom Crystal Portraits please message me)


There is a 1mm border of white around the image. The back is signed and dated.


How Do I Work With it?


You can hang this in your room or meditation space, your altar or workspace. Before you do, spend a moment to set an intention to connect with the Crystal realms. The piece will then radiate its energy to you throughout the day. 


To work more directly, use the piece along with specific crystals by laying them on top or in front of the piece. Ask for clear and safe passage in opening communication. Crystal energy responds to kindness and respect, as with all the living kingdoms. Close communication when you feel the work is complete. 


Feel free to use your creativity!


Disclaimer: All work and spiritual tools are created with the indestructible intention to uplift organic life in full alignment and service to the highest good and only in this capacity. 


Quartz Crystal

Crystal Caverns

Christos Consciousness

Unity Consciousness

Third Eye Expansion

Galactic History

Inner Earth

Lemurian History

Atlantian History

Ajna Chakra

Sahasara Chakra

Crown Chakra


As always, made with love



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    © 2017 Maria Blanche

    Los Angeles, CA

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