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Black Tourmaline Elixir ~ Astrological Aura Mist

A Crystal Elixir Spray created during the Great Conjunction!!


Jupiter and Saturn met in Aquarius on the solstice, December 21 2020. These powerful energies will shape us for many decades to come. This rare planetary conjunction in the sign of Aquarius hasn't happened since 1405!

During the Great Conjunction these two opposite planets come together in harmony, offering the opportunity to ground our biggest dreams into reality.

Use this powerful support of the Universe to set intentions and take inspired action.

Now you can access this powerful energy any time you wish, with our Black Tourmaline Astrological Aura Mist, our most recent crystal elixir spray created under the night sky of this Great Conjunction.

A powerful blend of Black Tourmaline Elixir, Cedarwood, Bergamot and Lavender Essential Oils infused with Reiki Energy. The grounding energy of Black Tourmaline Elixir will help you connect with Mother Earth. The cleansing energy of the Elixir will help you release what is no longer of service to you. These powerful steps create space for setting intentions and achieving your goals.

Jupiter gives us the expansive vision and blessings with divine guidance. Saturn gives us endurance and focus, helping to eliminate distractions so we can give our best effort on what is most important. Our essential oil blend of Cedarwood, Bergamot and Lavender is calming, grounding and invigorating. Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz chips reside within each bottle and are charged with words of intent: Grounding, Focus, Integrative, Expansive. With each spray you are reconnecting to one of the most powerful planetary conjunctions that has happened within our lifetime as well as receiving Reiki Energy.

**Aura Mist Elixir Sprays**
Crystal Elixir Sprays are used to cleanse the Aura and shift one's vibrations to align with an intended frequency. A perfect tool to incorporate into daily practices, Rituals and intention setting.

***LIMITED EDITION ELIXIR*** -Once the Mother Essence of the Black Tourmaline Elixir is gone there will be no further production of this Elixir. Quantities are limited!!

(Not to be used as an oral Elixir. Due to the nature of Black Tourmaline, you may see fragments of the crystal at the bottom of the bottle)

Black Tourmaline Elixir ~ Astrological Aura Mist


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