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**This is for original artwork on canvas***


All Love is a special made-to-order artwork. This means you will receive a canvas hand made by me, and that each creation will be slightly different than what is pictured. For me this is part of the charm and interest of hand made objects. 


This piece is about self love and radical self-acceptance. I've chosen the colors of rose, green, and aqua to connect with the frequency of heart chakra love, higher heart love, & unconditional love.


This delicate piece would work well with intentions to forgive, soothe, nurture, and bring calm to the emotional bodies. This includes all time-spaces past and future. For those working with the 4 directions, each corner is anchored with the diamond emblem in order to encourage a grounded and harmonious space.


Please note the surface is delicate and unlike other original works, it's not recommended as a crystal grid, although it works very well for hanging or displays in your meditation space.


Heart Chakra

8th/Thymus Chakra

Aqua Ray/Holy Mother

Gold Ray



Emotional Healing


12th dimensional templates


Measures 8 x 8 inches

Canvas, Wood, Mixed Media

All Love

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