Spiritual Template: Tree of Life

In considering how to organize the experiences I've had to this point, by way of book reviews and personal blogs, I immediately came across a seemingly insurmountable block.

This block reflected a similar concern I've had all my creative life. I simply couldn't narrow down what I wished to share into a pithy little box. There is not one ideal client or customer that I could imagine. There is not one demographic or reading level that I want to be contained into. Sometimes I feel really casual and light, and life feels like a day at the park with a cool wind on my face.

Sometimes I need to deeply explore a topic or idea, nerd out on all the possible meanings and implications. I must get to the bottom of it all. Life is serious and the matter at hand has grave implications that must be soberly considered.

Some days I am willing to push the limits of reality, by way of the imagination and psychic perceptions. Life is a synchro-mystical puzzle of feeling and images.

Other days I long for bodily comfort and sensations, feeling secure in that which tangible and physical.

These multi-faceted aspects of experience required some kind of template on which to categorize or organize their quality. What I've found most useful is from a body of work that is not very well known, and for which there is much more to say. However for this purpose it's enough to understand that it encompasses the seven chakra structure and serves as a micro to macro template of the self and of the cosmos.

It appears similar to the Kabbalah tree of life but is fundamentally different.