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In considering how to organize the experiences I've had to this point, by way of book reviews and personal blogs, I immediately came across a seemingly insurmountable block.

This block reflected a similar concern I've had all my creative life. I simply couldn't narrow down what I wished to share into a pithy little box. There is not one ideal client or customer that I could imagine. There is not one demographic or reading level that I want to be contained into. Sometimes I feel really casual and light, and life feels like a day at the park with a cool wind on my face.

Sometimes I need to deeply explore a topic or idea, nerd out on all the possible meanings and implications. I must get to the bottom of it all. Life is serious and the matter at hand has grave implications that must be soberly considered.

Some days I am willing to push the limits of reality, by way of the imagination and psychic perceptions. Life is a synchro-mystical puzzle of feeling and images.

Other days I long for bodily comfort and sensations, feeling secure in that which tangible and physical.

These multi-faceted aspects of experience required some kind of template on which to categorize or organize their quality. What I've found most useful is from a body of work that is not very well known, and for which there is much more to say. However for this purpose it's enough to understand that it encompasses the seven chakra structure and serves as a micro to macro template of the self and of the cosmos.

It appears similar to the Kabbalah tree of life but is fundamentally different.

The template is numerically base 12. It's initially composed of 4 levels: the physical self, the soul self, the monadic self, and the avatar self. For the purpose proposed here, that's all you need to understand the tags given:

Physical self - Physical expressions are the experiences of the body. Fear and rushes of adrenaline, pleasure in all its orgasmic glory, unexplained revulsion, raw attraction. This is also the realm of the lower mind or ego identification. At its highest expression the physical self is grounded, properly nurtured, and the ego is neither self effacing nor self aggrandizing.

Soul self - Soul expressions are the stuff of symbols and dreams. They are filled with emotion and memories. Soul experiences are where we really feel pain, grief, love, joy, the sweetness and sorrow of living.

Monadic self - The oversoul aspect is more neutral than the soul. It is not swayed emotionally and thus maintains a higher perspective and can impart more information when we align with it. The oversoul is not unloving, only that its power comes from being a neutral and compassionate observer. Here the zero point gate is accessible.

Avatar self - The Avatar is the embodiment of the fully realized individual self. This is the perfected version of you, perfectly loving, wise, and powerful. At this level we are talking about fields of intelligence beyond time. The Avatar can be considered a future potential that has gone back in time to lend us a hand. Although in reality it exists in the eternal now.

These categories pretty much cover it.

The physical self includes the physical body, the contents of the subconscious mind, and the capacity and contents of the conscious mind.

The soul self includes the heart which is the capacity for love, the ability to speak and understand truth, and the higher function of abstract thought and psychic perception.

The monadic self includes the connection to the collective consciousness, the higher heart or seed atom, and the mouth of god doorway.

The avatar self include the Solar Star, the Galactic Chakra, and the Earth Star.

Beyond these are 3 more fields of energy: 13, 14, and 15 which are universal energies as well as personal chakras. They are the primary sound fields of creation and are the threefold founder flame that stand outside the creation matrix.

If you're still with me, please know that this is a map and not the territory. You'll notice 1-7 align with the functions and attributes of the classic chakra system. Most people will not be familiar with the extra chakras unless you really geek out on this stuff as I do. And even so, they may change depending on the source and body of work you reference. That is why this is all for the purpose of organization and reference of the quality of each post and article. The 4 categories are more than enough to orient you (and me) around the site.

Personally, I do work with this template in my meditation and practice. Although by no means do I feel that it is the only way or even appropriate for everyone. As with everything you ever come across, take what you like and leave the rest.

If you're interested you can learn more about the Universal Tree of Life here, and more about Lisa Renee and the Guardian body of work at energeticsynthesis.com

I work with this system to source information from these different dimensions/planes/energy bodies for my personal spiritual practice. I've studied and worked with this system for three years now and have come to appreciate its complexity and depth. Please drop me a line if you are interested or have any questions about this system and information it provides. I'd be happy to be of service in helping to guide anyone who feels called to move into this Guardian mission work. The information at the start is very overwhelming for the mind, and the interest or attraction is often felt at an intuitive heart level.

Wherever your journey of discovery may take you, I hope you find some interesting inspiration, comfort, and some challenging ideas as well.

With love,


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