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This post will go deeper into the technicalities of the "Return of Isis" message that I received in August of 2020. It seems that once the image and first packet of information was shared, another layer of information arrived. The following may be of interest to people working actively and intentionally with specific energies: lightworkers, gridworkers, starseeds, and anyone healing timelines and building the spiritual bodies in the ascension process.

This writing will assume you have some awareness of the chakra systems of the earth, ley lines and grid structures.

The Isis grid template is an energetic structure across Earth's surface and within its spiritual anatomical structures. There are many such grids that exist, with various functions and carrying various frequencies.

"The earth grid has resurfaced again and again over the years. In the 1980's it was re-examined extensively by the husband and wife team of professors Bethe Hagens and William S. Becker. Basing their work on previous explorations done in the 1970's by Russian researchers, Hagens and Becker continued investigating the use of sacred geometry to

construct the ultimate-earth grid. This grid interconnected two geometric patterns, an icosahedron with a dodecahedron. Adding yet another sacred geometric shape the polyhedron, results in a grid with sixty-two intersections from which to work with. This design is known as the "unified vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron," aka the 'Earth Star'. The intersections and grid lines, aka ley lines, are comparable to the meridians of energy and points used in Chinese acupuncture for the human body. These earth intersection points and grid lines appear to correspond with many well known "power site" or energy vortices on the planet. " (Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work)

However the Isis grid is new. It's not clear whether the potential for the grid has always existed, or if the potential itself is new. Either way, its activation is distinctly a highlight of 2020.

Isis involves the chakra networks of 7 and 4. The 4th Earth chakra center and network completed repairs in 2012/2013. The 7th Earth chakra center and network completed repairs in 2017-2019. The 4th had to be cleared of inversions and reversals before it could function

properly. The 7th required some additional template structures, to include the Divine feminine and to merge in union the Christos-Sophia at the crown. Please understand these are the names I am using but they can be known by many names. The point is the union of masculine feminine archetypal figures.

These earth grid networks can be visualized like our own internal systems: circulatory system, nervous system, skeletal structures, etc. They are extended energetic networks that reach across the 'body' of Earth to perform specific functions, and they integrate and cooperate with other systems in order to regulate, nourish, mobilize, and support growth and evolution of consciousness. Instead of cells carrying molecules, these networks carry particular frequencies and packets of light-information. These subtle energy networks inform the physical overlay, creating and guiding the manifestation of physical matter.

These networks absolutely affect us humans as well. Through the phenomenon of resonance our chakra centers are informed by the Earth chakras, limited if they are limited, reversed if they are reversed, and healed if they are healed. That's why changes in the Earth energetic grid structures is fantastic news for humanity, as it means that we will follow suit. First up for the change are the spiritual pioneers who actively engage with their lightbodies, and eventually all of humanity will experience these changes, especially as people are born with the new and 'updated' energy systems.

4th chakra holds the timelines and memories of Egypt, including Egyptian mysteries and the pantheon of deities. This center holds the Akashic records as well.

7th chakra is the spiritual connector to our greater identities. It's also the place of release of victim/victimizer programs. Here we experience spiritual adulthood and spiritual sovereignty. The Corona, which had been a crown of thorns, suffering, and sacrifice, becomes the true golden crown of the Self Sovereign. This crown is the jewel in the lotus, the thousand expressions of our mutual One self.

So these channels were being built as connections and pathways between the two chakra-dimensions and their corresponding functions. It's as if these two dimensions (4th and 7th) existed like overlays on top of each other on the same Earth-space but had limited

communication with each other, thus leading to compartmentalization of energy and information and lowering the overall harmony and wellbeing of the total system.

Now this past Lions gate 8/2020 window the "spark" came in which ignited this template. This spark turned the Isis grid ON like a switch! And now it's been activated. So now this 7-4-4-7 frequency template is powered on. I see it as a neon glowing violet-fuschia color with this golden and aqua aura or after-image. It's like a circuit board was there with channels and pathways and now there is energy running through those circuits. That means a whole new template is running!

In future Lions Gate portals and alignments to Sirius, the Earth and us living beings on the Earth, will continue to receive and communicate energies at this higher octave. This is all part of the natural evolutionary journey of Earth.

The re-membering has to do with access to the Akashic Records, and the 7th dimensional corrections. What do I mean by corrections? Our previous 'crown of thorns' has been a distortion in our human template, resulting in fear of spirituality, fear of total empowerment, powerlessness, spiritual manipulation, experiences of victimization the Soul felt compelled to manifest in order to work out these distortions, are being corrected so at a very deep causal level we can be free to manifest more just, beautiful, abundant, creative experiences of power.

Layers of information that have been encoded into the Akashic are now unfolding, which is important because the Akashic records are the universal archives. All is stored in this "place." Including the plan or the map on how to build and perform the 7th dimensional corrections to the human template. The original files, so to speak, can be downloaded and installed. What is even more exciting is that the current souls and human templates here and now are free to access and restore our own energetic avatar bodies.

This is all managed by the higher mind or higher self. This infinite divine part of you is already integrating this in the perfect way for your own individual life and unfoldment. This message is to confirm and awaken you to what is already happening.

This new Isis grid connects 7-4 pathways. The Crown which has been merged as the Twin Union of the Christos-Sophia, the divine counterparts, the sacred hermaphrodite or twin flames that "the human". All this wonderful change which has recently occurred in the last 5 years or so to the crown chakra, is joining in this new way with the 4: the Heart or Zero point portal to all of true creation. This is the pre-step to Eden on Earth.

4th: is the gateway, the portal, to travel through time, space, dimensions with LOVE as its powerful energizing engine. It's the access point all HUMANS have to God.

if you've made it this far, thank you! It's a lot to understand and yet I have been asked to understand it myself and to share it.

My personal understanding of this information is the following: through our hearts (loving imagination), we have the capacity to literally travel through time and across all space. Our loving imagination IS the 'God-point' where s/he lives within us. I see it as both a gateway or black hole and as well an infinite outpouring of light.

The healed crown chakra removes the need to play out the victim role. We come into proper understanding of power and how to wield it. We are neither the abuser nor the victim. Rather we accept our tremendous power and the tremendous responsibility that comes with it in order to fully step into our role of Creative Spiritual Mastery.

In connecting these two spiritual functions, compassion and power, we are able to masterfully create our own reality, and co-create a paradise with our fellow humans and with all of Earth's living creatures that is in true divine order rather than the fallible order of our

distorted human mind. We can leave man's law and order to step fully and joyfully into universal cosmic order.

These symbols and illustrations are tools to conceptualize and understand the movements of the structures of consciousness. Remember that perception, observation and imagination plays a role in developing the film of 'what is' and so this analysis is my own interpretation of what is happening in these multidimensional levels.

My illustration of this new nested 'Isis

sphere in context to the entire lightbody structure:

top view:

Most references will show Egypt and surrounding area as belonging to the 5th chakra. I can only guess that perhaps this new connective system surrounds and strengthens the throat area, at least on the human body. I can only say that my inner sense is strongly connecting the 4 and 7 centers with this Egyptian archetype. Take only what is useful for your journey!

with love


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