Mars Retrograde 2020

Mars Retrograde for 2020. -

Usually lasts about 6 weeks but this time it will be 6 months. The planet of war will be very strong in its home sign of Aries through the end of the year.


A rise in Mars energy can bring everything you might expect, increased anger, aggravation, fighting, etc. It will be up to us to harness the Spiritual Warrior archetype and make the most productive use of this intense energy headed our way.


Aries is the Soldier and with Mars in there it can give courage, energy, strength, and power. Mars in Aries can also be the General and enables strategic planning, stamina, and allotment of resources.


So think on how you direct your personal power, your personal energy, and your limited resources. Especially your attention and your time. Pick your battles carefully in the next few months.


There will be lots of attempts to pull that attention and get you to "fight" battles on behalf of others. That's always the challenge of the Warrior -- who is worthy to follow, what is worthy to fight for? Who is just using the soldiers/warrior for their own purposes? From a personal level up to a worldwide level. How do people and ideas ask/demand/fight for your attention/time/energy? Move from your heart and the courage to act will follow.


My suggestion is to focus on your own sphere, what you can control and who you care about. Don't get lost in media (I know it's an election year and it's all crazy) but spend your attention and energy very consciously - like money like it's a budget. Do what matters to you, and what will matter to your loved ones. Take action deliberately where it can make a difference.


The potential to squander your energy on petty fights and losing battles is amplified. Have a strategy, be a general, and focus on what you are going to accomplish in the next 6 months. -

This may be in any area of your life depending on your personal arrangement of planets - love life, relationships, career, spirituality, community, etc.


As a person with lots of Mars energy I’m going to be on a media diet, focusing on uplifting input, regular meditations and affirmations, and a LOT of self care. -


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