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Cancer New Moon

7.5.20 Lunar Eclipse +

7.20.20 New Moon in Cancer ♋️

Mandala marking the moon’s movement 180 degrees, waning from full to new.

Sun and Moon are our consciousness, the rulers of the inner kingdom. During a new moon their union is an opportunity to join the Soul with itself; our illuminated reason with intuitive knowing. In the sign of Cancer the next month affords opportunity to nurture and grow some area of our life or new project. This opportunity may arrive disguised as a burden, a weight, a limitation, or a restriction. Embrace it! Make good use of the power of imagination to find creative solutions.

The last two weeks you’ve received all the information and perspectives you need to move forward.

Cancer is dynamic and proactive; Dream it and begin it. Allow the daydream, the hunch, the spark of inspiration to become determination and persistence. Saturn will bring some delays and obstacles to this endeavor but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Hope you enjoyed this report, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Please subscribe to receive updates :)

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