The Rainbow and the Worm

I'm really excited to begin a deep dive into this book: The Rainbow and the Worm; the Physics of Organisms by Mae-Wan Ho.

It's been a long time that quantum physics has been providing conceptual structure to the new age school of thought, providing both delight and chagrin to respective spiritualist and scientific communities.

Although I have a healthy respect for the scientific method, I remain skeptical of the practice of science as a dogmatic institution. It has become a means to an end in consolidating power (and privilege); it has become a towering monolith beneath which we mere laymen must prostrate and receive prescriptions for living; it has become the dispensary of meaning through which we make sense of a seemingly chaotic universe. Science is the new religion - giving us purpose, providing meaning, shaping reality, explaining our beginning and our end as an individual and a species. And the scientists have become our priests. Calling something "a science" is a way to endow it with authority and power.

Rather than a canonical and orthodox approach to SCIENCE, I understand what we call science to be rather a malleable process through which we examine and apprehend universal truths. Further I deeply believe that the truth arises to meet us as we deepen our inquiry into its nature. And even beyond this