Angels & Angles: Messengers from Heaven

As I dive deeper into astrology and its implications for the underlying mechanisms of how consciousness becomes matter, I've become aware of the delightful word play of the angels.

In Astrology it's common to refer to the planets as "Lords" as they rule over specific areas of life and areas of the chart. There are a couple female lords such as the Moon and Venus and so I will refer to them as the lords and ladies of the celestial court.

From an astrological perspective, the lords and ladies of the heavens are like ingredients from which many recipes can be made. They are like colors on a palette, from which a being paints the illusion of reality. As they move through the sky, they animate and stir their energetic counterparts on earth, sometimes in harmony and sometimes in conflict.

The level of awareness we can reach in this game of life, allows us to have increasing power to direct these celestial forces.

When the consciousness is limited in understanding