Flower of Life Workshops

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding."

-- Leonardo da Vinci

Working with the Flower of Life or any Sacred Geometry is a form of pattern recognition. Learning to draw the shape engages the left and right sides of our brain; the logical and the creative sides. Playing with the shapes of Sacred Geometry boosts our brain capacity!

The brain is meant to perceive and comprehend patterns: in our environment, in ourselves, in our life experience. Comprehending patterns in a meaningful way is what brings us wisdom. Life is replete with extremes, division, polarity, and paradox. Spiritual wisdom is our ability to recognize meaningful patterns in what otherwise may appear chaotic, unruly, meaningless, or random. This brings us greater peace no matter what is happening around us, and brings patience and faith in times of uncertainty.

A very simple and beautiful way to practice and expand our capacity for wisdom is through the creation and contemplation of Sacred Geometry shapes.

The Flower of Life practice and contemplation can provide an avenue of integration of spiritual insight which strengthens the spiritual foundation. It can assist on the path of self-mastery which is largely a process of pattern recognition. Study and contemplation on the Flower of Life (and other Sacred Geometry) sheds light on the holo-fractal nature of consciousness.

For light workers, energy workers, and grid workers the Flower of Life Construction provides visualization tools and an understanding of energetic structures. For advanced astral travelers and lucid dreamers, the Flower of Life construction is useful for world-building, and shaping lightbody structures.

For all students, learning to make the Flower of Life yourself improves visualization for any application: meditation, manifestation, lucid dreaming, or astral travel.

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Part 1: Practical Construction; How to Draw the Flower of Life

Part 2: History of the Flower of Life

Part 3: Metaphysics of the Flower of Life

Part 4: Metatron vs Krystal Architecture

Maria Blanche is an artist and creative professional, a Reiki practitioner, and life long student of the mystical and metaphysical arts. She is here as a representative of the Hieros Gamos and in humble service to the Christed Sophia.

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