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Inner Space Odyssey: 2001

Rainbow Wave Ascension

Lots of people are talking now about Ascension and the Rainbow Wave and the QHHT sessions which predicted a mass shift of consciousness.

I felt this and experienced this in 2001 and I know I am not the only one who has at some point experienced something like this.

What occurred was a mixture of influences that led to a shift in my consciousness. The change built up slowly over several weeks and culminated in a few days of total shift that I have yet to experience since. The changes did not last. In fact I entered a difficult shadow period lasting several years. It had seemed to me I was unexpectedly taken to a great height and subsequently dropped even further into the depths of Maya. And it has taken over a decade to walk back up the hill, taking each step myself.

There are some parts that I don't remember fully, and other parts that I will never forget. I was about 21 years old and going to school in Berkeley California. As an undergrad I was taking courses in both Art Practice and Religious Studies. I did not have a spiritual practice at the time, only a keen interest in discovering and exploring my inner truths.

Looking back I recognize now the massive amounts of information and insight that was gifted to me in the time I was there. Creative outpourings of drawings, writing, ideas, poetry, paintings, all influenced and informed not only by the academic studies but also by a fountain within me of image and feeling.

Each time I went to class was a huge activation, which would result in an outpouring of feelings and images I felt compelled to write, feel, process, and turn into art of some kind. I had NO IDEA what it all meant, or what ascension is, or that it had any collective reality whatsoever.

I was under the illusion that this was "just" happening within my imagination. Sometime in Spring 2001 I started to tune into what is called 5D Earth or New Earth through my feelings. Because I was unaware of the ascension concept, my reasoning mind could only relate it to the past; the garden of eden or paradise concept. Especially since this was what I was studying in the classroom. But when I stepped outside of the classroom to feel grass beneath me and sit under the trees on campus, to soak in the sun, the feeling I had was that paradise was imminent.

It made me feel happy, giddy even. It felt like a reunion and celebration. It felt like pain and suffering could be validated and redeemed into joy. It seemed that time itself would cease running off into the future-past and join the present moment in full celebration. Again, the big AHA moment for me is that during this time, I thought these things were only to do with me and that particular moment. I didn't realize it had to do with everyone and this moment today.

I'm getting ahead of myself though. Because it was a build-up. I started waking up at the same time of 3am. After the third or fourth time I remember thinking it's probably 3am and I looked and sure enough it was! It was like Synchronicity 101 back then, when I think of how many complex number synchronicities and real-world confirmations I've seen within the last year.

I started a little bit of astral and third eye practice, although did not get very far in this. A lot of the visions funneled directly into my sketchbooks. The early Christian texts, the Gnostic tradition, the use of language and the history of the bible, all sparked representations of man, Adam, Eve, our relationship to God, the creation of the universe, the role of language, the Ark of the Covenant, the Rainbow as covenant symbol.

All these themes were running through me again as images and feelings and this is important for me to emphasize because now I can recognize the same thing is happening again. And it's happening for a lot of other people. It's important because this is different from the normal way we experience images and feelings. This is a sensation of having lived it which the rational mind wants to reject, because of the fantastical content of the images and feelings. What I'm dancing around is that these are memories of past, parallel, future, and potential realities. They are multi-dimensional memories that come from higher aspects of our consciousness. And there is a very good reason why they would start to become increasingly available to us.

To sum it up so far, I received a massive amount of information and context around the timelines of a future-past Paradise or Garden of Eden and the Rainbow, Ark of the Covenant time-cycle.

I was also gifted for a few days the sacred experience of that, which is the experience of the surrendered mind. The no-mind which is fully and wholly in the present moment. That is the mind which is continually and completely in the presence of God. (God is the Divine Source; non-duality; the Unborn Wholeness).

I couldn't hold on to it, as it was not my time for that. But it pained me greatly that I wasn't able to, and I felt that separation very deeply afterwards. There were many dark nights of the soul after this that manifested fears and insecurities. I had to face them all. I continue to face them now until they are all dissolved in that holy presence.

The best way to describe my sacred experience is to say that it's completely satisfying. If you are a spiritual seeker, if you feel like something is missing in your life, if you feel like you achieve and accomplish without feeling that satisfaction, I can tell you this did it. There was no hunger, no need, no drive, to do anything other than be in the moment. For example it was enough to feel my body holding books and walking in the sun as I made my way to class.

The chatter of the mind was gone. Which is huge if you have a meditation practice you will know what this means. But even more amazing is that I felt that I wasn't alone. I felt completely surrounded, safe, secure, loved by a presence that seemed to be in everything and in every direction. That's exactly why I felt so satisfied, calm, peaceful. I had no worry or intention except to ask "what's next?" and know I would do that next thing.

There are a few more points that I want to cover around this cluster of experience. One was a vision of Christ that appeared to me within my brain. My headspace was hollowed out, and the insides were vibrating electric lines of blue and gold. And he stood there in the center along with another apostle. Now looking back I can see this is the awakened pineal gland, a clue to the 'sacred secretion' of the human body. In 2014 I felt this secretion for a few weeks it was really pleasant and made it very easy to slip into meditative state. This sensation came and went, like so many experiences on my path. It has not been linear at all!

Another important moment was one night as I awoke at the now usual time of 3am, it was as if I 'caught' certain beings around me. Maybe 4 or 5 beings standing around me at the bed. Not physically of course but their energy was palpable and I wasn't afraid. I had the knowing they were doing something to me, re-figuring or working on me somehow. At the time the closest thing I could think was angels even though that didn't seem to fit. Something around the top of their heads, maybe third eye area was glowing light. It took 14 years to recognize them again as Galactic Guardians.

At the time I had no interest in 'space spirituality' and had not been aware of any of the new age/conspiracy/ufo discourse. I'm surprised even today that I find myself in this world to be honest. But looking back it seems to make sense of so many personal and subjective experiences I've had that I'm certain it cannot be coincidence or media influence (the dreaded psyop). The course of a person's life has its own internal logic, a mystery of manifestation I don't pretend to comprehend. I've taken Joseph Campbell's words to heart and followed my bliss. Because I trust that my heart is good, I trust my bliss guides me on the path of truth and goodness. In my heart I wish this realization for us all, to feel the presence of the Divine Beloved all around us and within us.

Thanks for reading and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below. Was 2001 an important year for you spiritually? Have you ever had any of these kinds of experiences?

with love,


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