Inner Space Odyssey: 2001

Rainbow Wave Ascension

Lots of people are talking now about Ascension and the Rainbow Wave and the QHHT sessions which predicted a mass shift of consciousness.

I felt this and experienced this in 2001 and I know I am not the only one who has at some point experienced something like this.

What occurred was a mixture of influences that led to a shift in my consciousness. The change built up slowly over several weeks and culminated in a few days of total shift that I have yet to experience since. The changes did not last. In fact I entered a difficult shadow period lasting several years. It had seemed to me I was unexpectedly taken to a great height and subsequently dropped even further into the depths of Maya. And it has taken over a decade to walk back up the hill, taking each step myself.

There are some parts that I don't remember fully, and other parts that I will never forget. I was about 21 years old and going to school in Berkeley California. As an undergrad I was taking courses in both Art Practice and Religious Studies. I did not have a spiritual practice at the time, only a keen interest in discovering and exploring my inner truths.