Artificial Intelligence - Nothing New

I have a long held interesting the idea of artificial consciousness and its many forms (and dangers). File Not Found was my creative exploration of this idea as I was finishing my degree in Animation.

Though we might think of artificial intelligence as cutting-edge-tech-singularity the fact is that it's been around for a while. As I did research on robots and artificial intelligence for my film, I realized that this idea was not new at all. There's a whole other post to be written about what I discovered while making this film!

However I want to focus on what I found this week: another example of the ancient art of artificial consciousness.

For the record I stand as a staunch (apparent) neo-luddite in this respect. I firmly believe the best creations are those directly sourced into the unified source field. This way the consciousness can be sovereign and experience freedom as a created entity. It's not for me to judge when and where life will spring forth or in what form. I'm most familiar with organic biological lifeforms, and I do hold the possibility open that sentience may arise from our current technology systems and networks. However I can discern that the purposeful manipulation of forces to create consciousness beings with negatively polarized agendas, those that are 'created to serve' as workers or soldiers witho