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Prayer Wheel Mandala artwork

This week I had an interesting experience of looking down to my body, and with the spiritual eye I saw two concentric circles moving in opposite directions. Once circle was around my upper torso and moved clockwise. Another slightly larger circle around my lower torso moved counter-clockwise. Each circle had stubs or spokes so they looked similar to gears. They appeared like a deep gold or burnished gold color. I saw vertical connection lines like a bell extending downward. I understood this was a level of the monadic body.

I was also taught how to use etheric prayer wheels, which is to say self-existing structures that emit command/prayers into the impressionable matrix of experience. It appears I have been already using these, only now they are becoming conscious to me. It has to do with the power of words to create structures in the astral, and a special technique to anchor and 'spin' them via the light-body.

They are powered by intention of course, and the zero point energy of the infinite self. This is extremely important otherwise they will drain energy from the lower bodies. They can be powered via the Sun and the Inner Sun connections as well.

Asking further, it seems the 'wheels' are elements of the inner toroidal cone, the lower half. The top of the cone of course emanates from the center of the torus (the zero point). And the rotation is synchronized with the rotation spin ratios of the merkaba. Part of the ascension is IN-cension, where the shift to higher densities happens from within each person and flows outward into our denser collective experience.