Sunlight On Water: Dolphins & Unconscious Forces

With the polarities at an all time high it feels like I'm underwater this week, struggling to stay afloat. Not only with my own personal life but with the tumultuousness of living here on the West Coast in California.

After a lot clearing and meditation, and some help from soul family, I am feeling back on track. I'd like to share my experience to you if you feel the same this may help. I suggest listening to some Dolphin sounds if you can to relax or deep ocean sounds. This seems especially relevant with the North Node in Cancer at the moment.

I've found the best way to access the unconscious is through imagery. We have an innate language in our cellular structures that is universal to all Earth beings. The nature of the sun, seasons, and the elements of hot and cold, dry and wet, are symbols in the matrix of experience. These are the sensations and experiences that the unconscious understands.

Why does it important to communicate with the unconscious self? Because within the unconscious is the hidden power of creation. I cannot adequately explain it only to say that there we access and impress the collective matrices of our reality. The unconscious is the horse-power that drives our experience while we are incarnate. (Think Chariot in the Tarot)

This week I'm grateful to have been gifted a set of symbolic imagery that has been very healing for me. Sunlight on water... and dolphins :)

In meditation I found myself on a vast ocean with water gently lapping all around me. The sun is warm and yellow in the sky. I can feel the warmth and heat of its rays on my skin. I close my eyes and feel gratitude for the life and vitality I receive. I look around me and I see the sunlight sparkling into a million tiny suns over every crest and break of the water. I notice the gentle undulations within the water, and the undulations nested within each larger wave. Motion gliding over water and shining points of light back to the skies.

I feel my lower body undulating like the water, dancing in a sonic rhythm. Dolphins come up and begin to circle around me protecting and playful at the same time. I see the water lapping on their glossy skin. I hear the water splashing, I hear the clicks and echoes of their messages.

Deep beneath the surface, beyond what I can reach is the unconscious force. This is the ocean of creation that I am in. They tell me this ocean is mankind's great hidden power. The solar rays of the Sun warm the surface and make visible that which was hidden. Dolphins are waves of motion that undulate through sound. Their consciousness can dive deep into the water and yet they are mammalian and sun loving creatures as well. They move and swim and play, unafraid of the depth of the unconscious understanding it is the the Mother in so many ways.

The Sun is illumination and consciousness, playing across the shapes of the waters of creation. So is our experience of reality very similar. We are experiencing that edge of where consciousness meets matter; where sunlight falls on water. In this glistening place what is below meets with what is above. Like the dolphins, the sunlight plays across the surface, dancing and jumping in and out of the water. The water moving and dancing for the rays of the sun. Humans are a union. We are the water AND the sun. We are the consciousness and the space, the subject and the object, the experience and the experiencer, this and that.

We are might vast beings playing with matter, dancing in and out of it. And we are the ocean of being receiving the warming rays of the sun. Through light and sound our life experience is woven into multi-dimensional fabric; currents and streams of sensation, thought, images, feeling and words through the ocean of time.

Bobbing, rocking, gently up and down in the vastness of the mother ocean. Dolphins circle all around me. Deep in meditation these things are revealed.

Are there animals or landscapes that bring you peace or insights? Do you connect with animal totems or animal wisdom through meditation or in other ways? Keep your eyes open for an animal message that can come to you in an unexpected way. Bring that animal with you in meditation and allow it to reveal a special message just for you.

with love


PS - These energies have many names. For example the Sun can be Ra, Christos, Rama, the Solar Body or the Solar Self. The water and the Dolphin spiritual energies can be likened to the Aquaferion races, as well the Grandmother Turtle codes, the Aqua ray and the Mother Arc. I've created an original artwork with these frequencies including light language (asemic writing) and posted in the shop here on this site:

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