Sunlight On Water: Dolphins & Unconscious Forces

With the polarities at an all time high it feels like I'm underwater this week, struggling to stay afloat. Not only with my own personal life but with the tumultuousness of living here on the West Coast in California.

After a lot clearing and meditation, and some help from soul family, I am feeling back on track. I'd like to share my experience to you if you feel the same this may help. I suggest listening to some Dolphin sounds if you can to relax or deep ocean sounds. This seems especially relevant with the North Node in Cancer at the moment.

I've found the best way to access the unconscious is through imagery. We have an innate language in our cellular structures that is universal to all Earth beings. The nature of the sun, seasons, and the elements of hot and cold, dry and wet, are symbols in the matrix of experience. These are the sensations and experiences that the unconscious understands.

Why does it important to communicate with the unconscious se