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11/11/(11) Merging Realities & Emerging Worlds

An intuitive astrological reading on the day:

First a numerical breakdown:

0, 5, 11, 13, 19, 25, 27, 28, 29, 29 not including the Moon which will span many degrees throughout the day.

Notice the digits for 29 add up to 11.

The moon will be in Capricorn, ground zero of the Plutonian transformation we're all experiencing. All authoritative structures and institutions of authority are subject to this influence. And Saturn is well into Capricorn now as well, with a two fold result. He is laying down the foundations for the next cycle of Pluto around the zodiac. Saturn is also delivering results. Although I feel these Saturnian rewards will ramp up once Saturn overtakes and passes Pluto in the last decan of Capricorn.

Saturn will be leaving Capricorn and meeting Jupiter at 0 Aquarius on 12/22/2020, which will be a very important conjunction.

The two points at 29 degrees also stands out to me. Uranus is in Aries at 29 and the North Node is in Cancer at 29 degrees. The number 29 is called 'critical' degree and can indicate crisis, urgency, poor choices, or difficulty. The 29 degree can also be mastery and graduation, having experienced the full cycle of the sign. It may indicate a final lesson or final exam which will serve as an initiation into the 0 degree of the next cycle.

Because the north node actually 'moves' against the rotation of the planets, it's more that it will be thrown into the deep end of the pool in watery Cancer. Uranus is really the master here as he has legitimately paved his way through Aries. All the growth from Uranus in the last 7 years culminates and is given one more final expression via the square aspect. Square aspects indicate physical or immediate manifestations of the energies. So the unique identity and revolutionary sense of self that Uranus gifted to us will manifest at new levels via the watery depth of Cancer and the North Node.

In terms of collective expression, it means revolutionary elements, groups or ideas will reach fruition. Cancer is the foundation of life; home, family and security. It is where we find comfort and protection. It's the collective skirt of the mother when the world gets too crazy. It's also the ancestors and our connection with the matrilineal line.

The events of the day are playing out against this 29-theme backdrop: a revolutionary new identity and the impulse towards freedom in hard aspect to the desire to protect and defend. The lesson of mastery will be to achieve true freedom through our spiritual family rather than through bitter battles.

The north node stands out as the apex of the trine Jupiter-Chiron-North Node. Jupiter is ready to go home in Sagittarius, Chiron is ready to melt into the divine oceans in Pisces, and they are pointing to the Dragon's Head in Cancer. It's as if a large Lochness is about to emerge from the depths of the collective ocean.

Mercury at 11 degrees can offer a clue as to the 11 themed energies of this day, and what the possibilities are of its expression on the world stage. Mercury is the media, all communication, the markets, trading, and organizing information. It indicates the theme of the day.

So putting it all together, this day is strongly influenced by Mercury and Jupiter as they will be the real inspiration for the actions of the cardinal square. Today we'll be focused on authoritative structures in our society, the limitations as well as illusions. There may be news in the media about spiritual or religious topic. News about the Vatican or other orthodox religion may take center stage. It may be a back-and-forth of accusations, or lies against truth. Definitely a high potential for surprise events unfortunately from radical organizations that feel they must protect or defend their land or ideology.

Another possibility is a collective positive experience which manifests as a surprise event that brings a mass emotional release along the lines of compassion and a sense of renewal. This unexpected event also brings us very far in healing the Piscean Age wounds of sacrifice, martyrdom, and victimization. A wave of optimism is indicated.

So which way will it go? I looked into the sidereal Nakshatra for that day: Moola Nakshatra (0 - 13'20 Sag) Well it turns out Moola is ruled by the tail of the Scorpion, indicating an inquisitive mind that is good for research and getting to the bottom of things. It's about loss and destruction which is used for surrender and transformation.

This is a day of culmination where the old guard will be broken apart and a new and higher order will take center stage. There will be resistance to this in the form of lies and misrepresentations in media. If there has indeed been plans in the works of revenge or justice, now would be the day when the Sting is delivered. There's a strong possibility it has to do with orthodox religious structures and also involves government, as I mentioned.

There won't be much time to absorb what happened as on the 13th the moon opposes the NN, and we have a closer opposition with Venus opposite Uranus. There's also a fascinating symmetry in the sky along the Moon-NN axis this day which suggests a mirroring or twinning potential. Even more interestingly the planets associated with authority are left out of this arrangement: Sun, Pluto, Saturn are not involved. Even Mars is not really involved. The North Node is leading the charge driven by the evolutionary and spiritual forces of Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune.

It might look ugly or chaotic but there's reason to have faith in the way things play out this month in terms of the happenings on the world stage. No matter what the planets are doing things are rarely what the appear to be, as so much of our information is mediated and scripted. At least this time around there are indications that this apparent chaos and jaw dropping moment will move us into expanded spiritual awareness.

with love,


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