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How to Connect with your Crystal

Connecting with crystals may seem very mystical or mysterious, but it's actually very simple. In fact, connecting more deeply with any of the elemental kingdoms like plants, bodies of water, clouds, or land masses is pretty much the same.

When I began my mandala journey I began incorporating more meditation into my daily life. What worked the best for me was loving kindness meditation, where the aim is to cultivate a feeling of love (and kindness) at will and be able to generate and amplify love and compassion to be ever more inclusive.

I began my practice with the most lovable and heartwarming things I could think of:

and worked my way up and out from there. What I've learned is that this is a valuable practice in connecting with crystals and other stones.

The secret to connecting is appreciation.

Practicing appreciation means suspending judgement with the intention to find something harmonious, pleasant, positive, or even neutral. Any thing can be neutral and still be appreciated; for its complexity, for its simplicity, as a curiosity, as a reference point, as pure happening.

We do this naturally every time we pause to catch the sunset, or when we gaze into the fireplace, or look out onto a vista. It's the gratitude of receiving something pleasant; a gift of the moment.

Appreciating crystals is much the same but with a more directed intention to connect and listen.

Following are some questions and ideas to spark your sense of appreciation as you meditate and connect with your crystal.

Look into the crystal through each facet. Then look at the surface of each facet, turning it so the light reveals details along the surface. Notice the light playing off the different surfaces, both interior and exterior. Spend time taking in all the details and texture.

This is really where you just want to embrace a childlike wonder. Likely you chose the crystal because you thought its shape or color was striking, or connected with it in some way.

Get to know your crystal through wonder and appreciation, and let your imagination free.

Imagine you shrink down inside the crystal. What is it like? Is it hot, warm, cool, dry, wet? As you move around, are you flying, swimming, walking? How does it feel to be in here? Remember these are suggestions and there is no wrong answer to these questions.

As you imagine what it would be like to inside the crystal or stone, notice how you feel. Inspired? Protected? Do you feel at home or do you feel somewhere alien? Do you feel peaceful or energized? Some people may get memories or imagery flash across the mind. Jot these down for future reference.

Finally I like to connect with the physicality of the crystal. Hold it in the palm of your hand and feel the weight of it. Rotate it in your hand. Is there an orientation that fits the best? Press or squeeze the crystal as much around as you can, and hold for a minute. Consider the piezoelectric property of your crystal (if it is quartz), and how for so long they were buried under the pressure of the earth or in underwater caverns. Close your eyes and notice if any distinct feelings, words or images arise.

At this point you may be able to sense the presence of your crystal. This is the energetic signature of this crystal or stone, and now that you recognize it you'll be on the way to connecting and working with crystals in your spiritual practice.

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