What is Shadow Work?

Can shadow work attract unwanted entities?

It's been recommended to visualize your shadow as a person, talking to them for greater insight.

What are the do's and don'ts of shadow work?

Shadow work sounds spookier than it really is in my opinion. It's not about negative entities outside of you. It's about facing the negativity within yourself with honesty and courage. Look at the ways in which you may mislead, beguile, and mold perception to suit "the ego". Look at the ways in which you are greedy, violent, or pushy. Examine where in your life you project onto others whatever you fear most about yourself.

It's important to have a method for remaining neutral as you are witnessing your shadow aspects, your hidden motivations.

After you take an honest look at your fears about yourself, then begin to heal this by loving and forgiving yourself. Send yourself lots of love and healing in order to choose the best possible intentions, motivations, and actions.

It's about accepting responsibility for the ways you have hurt others, and have allowed yourself to be hurt. You stop becoming the victim and start becoming a master of your self.

In my experience, shadow work usually finds ME! And usually around a particular issue or relationship that I can no longer ignore.

True shadow work repels negative entities. If anything, negative entities use your blind spots to manipulate you. Shadow work makes sure you know yourself better than any negative entity so they cannot use your vulnerabilities and fears against you. It's like spiritual teflon, nothing they throw at you sticks.

Here is an important aspect to shadow work, create a space to do the work, by setting that intention "whatever you uncover is not going to destroy you" but it will be healed!

Setting the space is important! You can do a white light bubble, an energetic shield, a saging ritual, crystal grid, or whatever you align with to create a protected space to bring some shadows out for examination.

And after some shadow work, go easy and stay away from busy crowds and chaotic environments, violent or chaotic media, etc. Eat well and rest. Generally "lay low" energetically.

Once you understand the mechanism of exploring the shadow, your shadow-work will happen more organically as you go on about life. It may be as subtle as noticing your habitual reaction to something in a way you never noticed it before. It's necessary to stay open and not attach to the thoughts and motivations that reveal themselves. Understand that it's not only you, but likely thousands if not millions of others that have a version of that same pattern in their minds.

From this neutral space, your willingness to observe gives you wisdom and insight into this pattern. And from your heart space you can choose to re-direct it and correct that pattern.

with love,


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