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Spiritual Sovereignty & Non-Consent

If you are new to this term, I'll do my best to explain what this means and what it has meant for me on the awakening path.

Often times a consciousness expansion comes with a potential for new fears. Those fears may be related to the paranormal, around the occult, or facing wrath or punishment. This last one comes around as a feeling you are doing something wrong. It's often buried in the subconscious and gives rise to unexplained anxiety. There is a buried guilt over 'awakening' because at a soul level we have made agreements to stay asleep.

We all have contracts that the Spirit-Soul makes as it takes on the body and enters the incarnation matrix. The term 'sovereign' is a political term but we can apply it to the sphere of our SELF which includes the body, mind, emotions, our life affairs, and our sphere of influence.


Supreme power or authority, a self-governing state.

In a spiritual context, this means that we declare ourselves to be the supreme power and authority of our body, mind, emotions, life affairs, and sphere of influence.

As we navigate through life we make all manner of contracts consciously and unconsciously. These are agreements where we uphold our end and expect the other party to do the same. Agreements can be made with other living humans, ancestors, archetypes, gods, lineages, disincarnates, elementals, djinns, etc. They can be in the form of vows, hexes, curses, wishes, and even written agreements. The subtlety of consent is a delicate and deep topic worthy of contemplation.

I've come to the understanding that these agreements can have reality in the spiritual realms, and affect us here in the physical world. Releasing them leaves us with more natural life force flow, to use and direct for our own vitality and well-being.

I personally feel there is nothing inherently wrong with making agreements or contracts, as long as they are transparent and honor the freedom of Spirit within.

This has been by far the most challenging and precious lesson on my path. as well one that I am still learning and expanding with.

Spiritual sovereignty is a clear statement of boundaries, with the confidence that you are backed up by universal law. This is a state of being where you lay claim to your own space, your physical body, your mind and heart, as your own. You accept ownership of yourself fully including what we might call the shadow. You can read a more about shadow work here.

It may seem like a good idea to give our power away in order to get something useful in return. Sometimes it's physical safety, or social acceptance, or any other fear that arises. If and when you feel ready to claim your power back, you may find declaring your sovereignty to be helpful.

Commands & How to Use Them

Here are links to different declarations or scripts. I would read these over and make sure you understand and agree with what they are declaring. You may find some of the wording surprising or uncomfortable. Lots of people have extreme experiences that require very firm and specific boundaries, and have found these commands helpful. Rewrite it so that you feel completely empowered by this. Take a few minutes to center yourself with some deep breaths.

Begin by understanding that you have a right to exist in this world. You have a right to think freely, to feel freely, and to be comfortable in your body. You can lay claim to your own life experience right now. You are alive here and now and from this place, you will emanate the commands in all directions. Speak them aloud and firmly. Really put on a show if you want!

Repeat this as often as necessary. If you feel especially under psychic attack you may want to record yourself speaking them and play it back during the day.

As you strengthen boundaries and reclaim your power, you will be shown the ways in which you are giving your consent that you were not previously aware of. Take notice and make these corrections as they arise. I have personally noticed that this makes thoughts and belief patterns very evident. They are almost highlighted when they pop in my head! It becomes very easy to discern what old or limiting belief I can release.

There's an excellent article by Michelle Walling on this topic here:

Her write up is very thorough and includes different examples of sovereignty scripts. I will be posting her own script which she has generously shared. I personally like it, and I think it's a good place to begin with this very powerful tool.

I now connect with my guides who have my best interest of freedom and sovereign energies associated with them.

I now heal, transmute, and integrate all thought forms, entities, or negative energies that I have associated with these agreements and integrate the refined, pure Source energy into this physical body at this time.

I ask my guides to assist those lost splintered parts of me and ask that they help them to know where to go for healing and integration.

I state that I will no longer carry energy that is not of pure Source within me in this present moment and in any other moment as all aspects of me in the past, future and present are now to be healed. No longer will I carry any hitchhikers under any agreement that were done with false intentions or memory wiping.

I fold space and time and go back to each time the negative or lower vibrational thought or energy was created, and I transmute it now to Source.

My body is now cleared of any negative thought forms and energies that I created knowingly or unknowingly that had an intention of self sabotage and negative emotion. I now heal my DNA and regenerate my body back to the organic template it was created to be.

I thank you mother earth for assisting in the regeneration of my DNA and of my physical, emotional, mental, and spirit bodies.

I thank you Source for accepting those pieces and parts of me that need healing and transformation.

I am a healed Whole being operating as a sovereign force and I am here to change this world.

I ask my guides to continue to open up doors and to illuminate my highest path.

I request the tools necessary to do my job here on this planet and ask that you continue to bring the people into my life that can assist me to help assist humanity.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and to heal others as I heal myself.


There's so much to say on this topic. This brief write-up only scratches the surface. Leave a comment if you have experiences with setting space and declaring non-consent in a spiritual context.

Declaration from Sovereign Ki

Spiritual Sovereignty from Manataka American Indian Council

Soul Contract Revocation Step by Step from Rich West

Wolfgang Tools for Ascension Guided Meditation

with love,


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