Spiritual Sovereignty & Non-Consent

If you are new to this term, I'll do my best to explain what this means and what it has meant for me on the awakening path.

Often times a consciousness expansion comes with a potential for new fears. Those fears may be related to the paranormal, around the occult, or facing wrath or punishment. This last one comes around as a feeling you are doing something wrong. It's often buried in the subconscious and gives rise to unexplained anxiety. There is a buried guilt over 'awakening' because at a soul level we have made agreements to stay asleep.

We all have contracts that the Spirit-Soul makes as it takes on the body and enters the incarnation matrix. The term 'sovereign' is a political term but we can apply it to the sphere of our SELF which includes the body, mind, emotions, our life affairs, and our sphere of influence.