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September under the Stars

September under the Stars

My thoughts on the month ahead :: Astrology is like the weather forecast. You are the final decider on how to get to mission-accomplished status. I'm by no means an expert. That said, this is probably a good exercise in deepening astrology knowledge, and a fun comparison at the end of the month to see how it all shook out.

Let's get started.


Moon in Cancer is opposite Saturn in Capricorn: watch a funny movie.


Moon over North Node in Leo. Saturn is direct! And it goes direct in an Earth trine with Uranus and Mercury. Wowza. The lower mind and the higher mind are synching up with the power of manifestation. Mercury is the way we communicate, the way we deal with the day-to-day gears of our life . Uranus is the planet of liberation and non-conformity. It's the lightning bolt of Eureka! So we may get a eureka moment of how to do some day-to-day task, and this Aha brings us the way to align our loftiest ideals into our material reality.

Notice when this happens. You might resist it at first, it's not what you are used to. It can be as simple as a new route to get to work, or a new way to prep your meals, or a new software at work. Whatever it may be, it's like having a chiro adjustment - a small shift and you feel so much better aligned because of it.


Holy Virgo Batman. Stay grounded to keep any anxiety at bay. Assume all surprises are good surprises. The mantra today: all is working in my favor, I claim this as a success. Find comfort in your routines but make those adjustments as needed. With the opposition to Neptune it's time to face any projections coming at you having to do with being delusional, too far-fetched, too dreamy, too idealistic, etc. All the shadow Neptunian traits are in opposition to the Sun (identity). Keep talking, writing, and communicating what you want to make real.


Careful when you decide to tell that 'little white lie' today, especially to yourself. New moon in Virgo with Venus at 0 Scorpio starts a cycle of clearing out relationship muck. Any stagnant beliefs and/or delusions you had about who or what is worthy (hint you are worthy) is going to get the Scorpio medicine. This process will take Venus many months. But this new Moon cycle into the full Moon bookends a Grand Square in the heavens.

In the realm of sacred geometry, a Grand Square means a lot of 90 degree angles. Remember it's the pressure exerted and distributed that creates a solid foundation.

We'll be dealing with a lot of compromise and in doing so will have to re-evaluate what is important to us. What can we let of of in order to have more harmony? What do we need to stand firm on (value) in order to live our soul's path (north node)? Are we taking actions that move us towards the ideal future? Can we act from integrity and allow others to do the same?

Stay open to creative and surprising solutions to these dilemmas. Think Zen spontaneity. Quantum leaping! Uranus brings a jolt of laughter, an unusual idea out of the blue, or a new piece of information that fits the bill. By the time of the full moon, you will have a better grasp of the kind of solutions that make for harmonious and productive cooperation. We won't be out of the woods with this Grand Square until the end of the month.


A day to watch: Here's a bit of numerology. Moon & Venus at 2, Uranus at 2, Saturn at 2, Sun at 20, Mercury at 12 degrees. Notice a theme? Pluto and Jupiter at 18. North Node and Neptune at 4 and 14. Chiron is literally an infant at 0 degrees Aries. Normally the mature and professor-like 'Wounded Healer", Chiron is now the baby is crying for the mother (moon with Venus) who has disappeared and is inaccessible in the Scorpio depths. Behind the scenes lovely Venus and stern Saturn are busy anchoring deep transformation of our subconscious boundaries. This is the 'heart' of the Grand Square this month. Notice what you are feeling this day. The mind will want to run around and get caught in the details, even cover things up (I'm fine, everything is fine.) Let yourself feel through this instead. Feelings today will be especially informative for us. Don't judge what you find, just listen to what you are feeling. There may be lots of pressure to take action immediately. If you must, definitely take your feelings into account on this one. Stay open to quantum both/and solutions. It may be helpful to try and accommodate what people want to 'feel' rather than what they say they want to 'do'.

9/17 - 9/19

The moon is activating Capricorn including Saturn and Pluto. Great day to up your boss game. Take charge, delegate, and put in some extra hours so you can get the results you want.


Woa! Yod of God right at Sun & Mercury. Hm is this a busy work kind of day? Are you giving yoruself busy work in order to avoid anxiety or something else that is gnawing at you? In the context of our Venusian transformation that is happening these months, today may be a day where you don’t know what you want exactly because you are doubting who you are exactly. With the Sun at 29 Virgo, it’s okay to appreciate our own perfection exactly as we are in this moment. Bless this mess!


Sun in Libra. You don’t need to decide who you are and set it in stone right away. Or ever! It’s okay to change your mind and be different now than you were yesterday, a week ago, or a year ago. It’s okay to accept the support of friends around you as you figure out your place in the larger picture.


A really nice respite from this month’s cross. Moon and Sun both in air is like a welcome breeze. Have lively discussion, start a good book, or plan a game night. Also a great day for writing, blogging, teaching, or public speaking.

The missing piece of all this is where in your life these things happen. And for that you need to know your rising sign. Find out from the varied astrological calculators online, including

Hope this was a fun read and maybe helpful to navigate the energetic weather.

With love,


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