Astropolitics - JFK Files - Event Chart

This post I'll share some insights into the October 26th 2017 JFK files that were released.

With this chart I'm seeing Neptune in fantasy mode forming a trine to Mercury/Sun/Jupiter which indicates there may be more hype about this release than is warranted.

Mars lags behind these three planets while also making a square to Saturn. This may indicate that no action will be taken, or action will be slow to come from this.

The square that Mars is making to Saturn becomes conjunct on April 2nd of 2018, which may be when we see the consequences of the release playing out. This conjunction will be in Capricorn which is were all the macro-level power structures are currently in transformation.

With Venus in square to Pluto, there are some ugly truths involved about who really holds the power.

The Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio are getting a trine aspect from Neptune as well as an opposition from Uranus, planet of unexpected surprises. Uranus also rules technology which makes sense, as this particular release is manifesting online as digital files.

Uranus could also indicate some shocking revelation that transcends worldly affairs. Neptune is the planet of the transcendent and the universal. It may be something to unite us all in our common humanity.

For those interested in this line of reasoning, take a look at Linda Moulton Howe explaining the JFK files in connection to the 'alien presence'

Whatever the Uranus shock might be, a trine to Saturn suggests it will actually bring to pass something that has been in the works for a while. Particularly with Saturn late in the degrees, makes me feel it's something coming to fruition.

I guess we will have to wait and see how this develops!

What do you see in the chart? Did I miss something important? Let me know in the comments below. If you like this post please share!

With love,


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