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Remember those book reports from school? This is similar with a multidimensional twist of course. I'd like to review each book and try to place it in context of other spiritual ideas. Often it requires several books to really understand even a small piece of the metaphysical puzzle.

Are there books I missed? Some books I should prioritize? Let me know in the comments!

The Little Prince


Narcissus and Goldmund


Care of the Soul - Thomas Moore

Hero's Journey - Joseph Campbell

aromatherapy: the complete guide.

Crystal Personalities

ET 101

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic - Osho

Dark Night of the Soul

Ask and it is Given

The Untethered Soul

Bringers of the Dawn

The Game of Life for Women

The Complete Writings of Florence Scovill Shinn


Secrets of the Hidden Realms

Creating Mandalas

Light is the New Black

Radical Acceptance

Translucent Revolution

Reiki Bible


Oxford Study Bible

Rainbow Bridge II

Shaking Medicine

Tarot in Ten Minutes

Life Paint and Passion

The Prophet

Art & Fear

Essential Rumi

Confessions of an economic Hit Man

The Mind Illuminated

Wake Up to Your Life

Bonaventure: The Soul's Journey Into God

Tapping Into Wealth

Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes

The Creative Life - Julia Cameron

Awakening the Sacred Body

Many Lives, Many Masters

Healing the Child Within

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