Oracle Cards Review: Shaman Wisdom Cards

Okay I'll be honest, these cards were out of my comfort zone, and it took some time to understand their energy. However it is absolutely worthwhile as I've found them to be so insightful and soothing.

If you are the kind of person who is out in space, a starseed, a cosmic citizen, a galactic guardian, etc. then you will appreciate the earthy and grounded balance that these cards offer.

Don't be fooled by their muted earth tones, these cards carry a deep yet gentle power. Their message is one of dynamic harmony of the worlds of plants, animals, seasons, cycles, and directionality. These cards will invite you to place your personal life within the larger web of life that permeates all of us. You will feel encouraged and supported by plant and animal allies that can offer wisdom and guidance for any situation.

The deck offers many points of contact including numbers, plants, animals, stones, directions, seasons, astrological indicators, and gender indicators. It might go without saying that not everyone is going to be on board this correspondence system as each person & group is a bit different.

The points of contact I felt drawn to were the stones and plants. I combine my card use with essential oils and stones (crystals) for a synergistic effect.

Card Organization

Moons: These cards correspond to the 12 zodiacal times of year.

Pots, Shields, Baskets, Rosettes They are further distinguished by life stage and Item; Child/Pots, Adolescent/Shields, Adult/Baskets and Elder/Rosettes.

Animals: Eagle, Buffalo, Elk, Owl, Crow/Raven, Coyote, Hawk, Cougar, Bear, Badger, Deer, and Wolf are all included. Each has directionality, gender polarity, and elemental designation.

Plants: Calamus, Goldenseal, Sage, Sweetgrass, Mint, Bearberry, Tobacco, Corn, Beans, Squash, Rose, and Nettle are all included. They each have gender, directionality, and elemental assignment. Additionally, the plants have planetary assignments, including the Sun and Moon.

Trees: Cedar, Pine, Birch, Spruce, Oak, Cherry, Ash, Basswood, Aspen, Redwood, Maple, and Willow are all included in this section. The trees have the same assignment categories as the plants.

Stones: Red Coral, Agate, Amber, Obsidian, Turquoise, Amethyst, Quartz, Silver, Jasper, and Hematite are ten stones or crystals included in the deck. Each corresponds with a chakra, a gender, and an element.

Directions: Seven directions round out the deck; East, South, West, North, Earth, Sky, and Self. The directions are assigned gender, season, life stage and element.

Great for Grounding

Unless you become very familiar with the meanings Richesson writes, you will probably need the reference booklet for readings. The quality of the booklet, which is a black and white leaflet with one center staple, belies the lovely writing and thoughtfulness of each card. The descriptions are written in first person, from the point of view of each Essence described.

Additionally, Richesson gives introductions for each category as a whole in order to better understand the spirit behind the groups. I'm sure it can be argued how accurate or not these wisdom teachings correspond to traditional native american teachings. However since I am by no means an expert, I can only say that I've appreciated the deeper and more grounded approach of this deck.


Printed by US Games Systems Inc.

Created by Leita Richesson

65 Cards Total

Card Stock ; Glossy

The cards are a nice size to handle, slightly narrower than the Rider Waite tarot deck. They shuffle easily and the glossy finish makes them feel pretty sturdy.

The deck can be purchased at any local metaphysics or book store. If you can't find any locally, your purchase through the following amazon link helps support the Mariascopic site:

You can also receive a 3-card Shaman Wisdom reading from yours truly for $10. I'll send you a PDF with your card images and explanations. It's a general reading, unless you message me to specify a love, career, or spiritual growth intention.

With love,


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