Ascension Resources

Here's a list of people talking about the shift in consciousness.

I like to list them here for a couple reasons. Some people on the list talk and use ascension language and others on the list have ascension as a backdrop for their other offerings. I don't personally agree with everything everyone here says, of course. However, I do feel strongly that it's important to realize how many other humans have this in their hearts and minds. And ultimately, that is where the transformation takes place: in the heart and mind of each person. And that means you :)

So enjoy perusing the many perspectives, the principle of diversity in unity, and sharpening your sword of discernment. If there is anyone I have missed please drop me a line and let me know!

Lisa Renee - Energetic Synthesis. This will always feel like home to me, and this body of work is where many pieces have come together for me. Much love and respect for the team and family at ES.

Ascension Glossary - Wiki for awakening