The Life Tube Part 2 - More Doughnuts

A big part of what I am sorting out is the extent to which synchronicity is a method of communication between the Inner & Outer self (realities).

I had a draft of this post that I published on 10/3. Towards the end of writing, I started to veer into Torus territory but felt I had better wrap it up and gather my thoughts before writing about the Transcendent Torus and its relationship to the doughnut/donut/d'ohnut

Last night I received a text with an out-of-context donut. I thought HUH that's funny the donut comes up again. I'd consider this a random but generally uninformative confirmation synchronicity. Just a little 'hey' from the Universal Self but no real direction.

Then this morning I see this article: The Math of Doughnuts from Emory University about the mathematics of Elliptic Curves and some new breakthroughs to sho