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The Life Tube Part 2 - More Doughnuts

A big part of what I am sorting out is the extent to which synchronicity is a method of communication between the Inner & Outer self (realities).

I had a draft of this post that I published on 10/3. Towards the end of writing, I started to veer into Torus territory but felt I had better wrap it up and gather my thoughts before writing about the Transcendent Torus and its relationship to the doughnut/donut/d'ohnut

Last night I received a text with an out-of-context donut. I thought HUH that's funny the donut comes up again. I'd consider this a random but generally uninformative confirmation synchronicity. Just a little 'hey' from the Universal Self but no real direction.

Okay. So it's not the first time the donut has been used as a math object to illustrate the torus. But the timing is Just So. And that's the point of the synchro-mystic language process. Its logic is both internal and external, and often in an idiosyncratic way.

I felt it appropriate to share the process of this as an example of using synchronicity as a tool of communication. It's like the first text with a donut was priming my consciousness for this second instance of dough-nuttery.

Of course I must ask myself what the Universal Self wants me to do with this technical information that is a reach for me to understand.

So I'll just start by positing that it is either a nudge to continue sharing and posting the torus developments I've been working with (and the related Cuboctahedron)


to introduce the concept of Elliptic Curve into the dynamics of energetic structures and energy work.

"Informally, an elliptic curve is a type of cubic curve whose solutions are confined to a region of space that is topologically equivalent to a torus." -- Wolfram

(Meditating into a cosmic torus tube)

This would mean that Elliptic Curves are trajectories along a spiraling torus. If some point were following the currents along the surface of a toroidal field, elliptic curve mathematics could then plot out specific destinations. You can feel I am getting to the point here, that if the torus is the fractalized shape of universal forms, how understanding movement along the torus could be useful in Aether-Matrix-Space-Time travels.

I hope that if anyone is in a position to understand what I am saying they are inspired to further this line of thought. Going back to school for a PHD in Maths isn't in the cards for me, so I'll circle back to the relationships between sacred geometry & consciousness.

Further Up, and Further In!

With love,


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