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I wanted to share my notes on some triple digit numerology meanings. I came across this information several years ago from Drunvalo Melchizedek. I wish I could remember the exact video or article. As always, explore all writers and teachers with your own Inner Discretion as to what is helpful for you this moment.

There are other interpretations of these triple digit numbers, of course. And there is also your own personal experience and meaning, which should supersede all the rest. Human perception is excellent at picking out patterns in the environment. Becoming aware of number synchronicities is a fun and measurable way to communicate through that veil of thought and matter.

111 - Energy flow. It can be money, electricity, sexual energy, subtle energy; generally positive.

222 - Beginning a new cycle in your life. More specifically, note what you are thinking on in that moment. The nature of that cycle is determined by the next set of numbers.

333 - A decision in your life. Either 666 or 999. 666 is went out of harmony, have to find another way. 999 means completed; solved.

444 - Mystery Schools. You have just begun to study spiritual life.

555 - Highest no. The completion of the mystery schools. Christ, Unity Consciousness. Pentagon and the angle of 72 degrees, etc. The perfection of the human being.

666 - The material world; carbon. A warning that the material world is about to enter into what you're thinking. Physical.

777 - Mystery School; understanding spiritual world, and then you go out of study and practice it.

888 - Completion number. Completes within 444 cycle.

999 - Completion of 222 cycle. 333 also. Solved.

Double Numbers are harmonic moments.

Do you often see triple digit numbers throughout the day? I see them on my laptop clock, my phone screen, and car clock. I know some people see them on license plates and receipts as well. I find this phenomena fascinating and I'll be paying closer attention to see if there is any correlation or symchronicty between the triple digit numerology and the meanings Drunvalo has outlined.

Let me know in the comments below if you've discovered other meanings in these triple digit numbers.

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