Karma Burning Affirmations & Intentions

-Every single thing I say, act, think, or do is resolving a soul contract to lighten the load of the collective.

-Everything I do, think, or say is on purpose from the Highest Authority.

-Loving my heart is the only response to anything in the world.

-I intend to respond to anything in my field with love and kindness.

-I love my heart relentlessly.

-I live in alignment with my oneness.

-I leave behind my dream of denial.

-I honor my highest wisdom and values in the eternal present.

-Every choice I make anchors my intention of love and ascension.

-I respond to others by intending to honor my highest value and virtue in consciousness as a member of the first wave of ascension. I will only let my intention speak and respond.

-In all things, and in all ways, I let my highest wisdom do the choosing subconsciously, unconsciously, and consciously in my life at all times now and forever.

Have you used affirmations and intentions for spiritual growth? Let me know what you think of these statements and intentions, or other affirmation you have used that you found helpful. Every one of us is unique in how we were raised with language and with societal belief systems, so different wordings and statements will have unique effects on each of us.

One thing I always appreciate about the practice of speaking statements, is how easily you can measure within yourself how you really feel about something. It seems the body, mind, and emotions all have an instant reaction to speaking a statement aloud "as if it were true." For me, I have found a clear response that is either a release or constriction. This serves as a clear yes or no in my mind. Another way to see this is as an 'accept or reject' response to the statement.

At this point, Affirmation camps diverge in terms of how to apply affirmations. One might continue repeating them, making use of the power of repetition to over-ride mental, emotional, or physical objections to the statement. Another strategy may be to zoom in on each resistance, gently untangling it until it releases. Yet another approach may be to constantly reword the statement until it gets an enthusiastic 'yes' on all levels.

The reason I titled this post "Karma Burning" Affirmations is because many religious traditions have the practice of repetition of words and phrases as a way to gain favor, increase spiritual power, induce mercy, release karma, achieve enlightenment, forgive sins, ease the suffering of mankind, etc. This includes the Catholic prayers, prayer beads, mala beads, Tibetan prayer wheels, prayer flags, transcendental meditation, and I'm sure many others.

Let's take a peek into the shadow side of affirmations for a moment.

Consider the "affirmations" of consumerism. The repetition happens through adverts and slogans. Considering the body of society, the power of repetitive statements is used for public relations campaigns, and to sway public opinion by repeating idea-memes on various platforms. See the works of Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays for some historical context on this.

Anyway, attention is King and Queen of the court. And whatever curries favor with these two Divine Partners becomes the rule of the land. So pay attention to what you believe about yourself, say to yourself, and accept about your Self.

With love,


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