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DNA: Living Libraries

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Here is my latest intuited information regarding DNA transformations. I owe a lot to the recent appearance of Bringers of the Dawn into my awareness. And for this I link it back to astrologer, David Palmer, who suggested this book in a video YT interview.

This is not my first introduction to the spiritual DNA evolution concept, but like so many aspects of this journey, it returns in layers as a theme that gets more complex and interesting. Or sometimes, much simpler and magical!

One beautiful synchronicity was reading about the coding of humanity and earth as a galactic library which holds memories and information. Similar to a physical library which has a

history section, or technology section. Anyway as I was reading this my husband decides to make a trip to the local library and get a library card. This was a complete synchronicity as this isn't something we normally do.

I am becoming more confident the material world is completely symbolic. I mean completely. Only our brains cannot compute exactly every meaning but at some level we are projecting the details of physical matter in a very precise way, with individual and collective symbolic meaning. This is part of the language of the Universe. Well of course I check out some basic info on DNA and cellular structures.

Now I'm curious, what is a 12-strand DNA? How can such a configuration be possible? Remember that if the field of intelligence is responsive to us, my asking the question helps to make it possible, drawing me further into collision with the fields of possibility. Anyway, do the strands connect to each other, or are they in 6/2 pairs? Is it one mega-spiral of 12 strands, or a configuration of pairs that connect along a shared axis?

Light is Information.

DNA is Information.

DNA is Light.

Emotions are the key to accessing the data in the Living Library

~BOD p 71

There are many sources to learn the basics of DNA structures. It's fascinating stuff, and worth the effort to understand the extent to which DNA is a book of text written in molecular language. It is a codex and its authorship is as complex and layered as any manuscript of the ancients.

At this point within me the "Aha" moment includes separate pools of knowledge and investigation that now merge under this one umbrella. I will write about them here, knowing I can't do this justice, and knowing that it's not meant to convince any skeptics.

From my notes:

This has been a code. I am a library. Future/other selves of "Family" gets this code from me now, from the future, when they need it / can build it. So I draw it out, they use it --> for... Atlantean spirit tech, to make circuit boards, energy grids, this is technical knowledge.

But they have to link up to me now, in my body now for me to retrieve the codes. What is it for? LOVE is the password, to pass info on, on a need to know basis.

What I'm referring to here are a couple of line doodles I've drawn at the top of the page in my notebook. If you have followed my Mandala Journey you'll see in 2015 & 2016 I began creating many mandala shapes. I've come to know these are codes, and even come to understand they are DNA codes. The new insight is that the spiral shape, with the two circles on either end, is specifically the DNA helix. Further my consciousness is (like so many of us) a library and I am here-now to access these codes (I'm here for many reasons this is one of them). I've also come to understand that over many lives I've created a genetic lineage to store certain information, and I keep reincarnating within similar lineage in order to move and shape this information across time. So this body is very specific in what it is carrying. Beyond the karmic loads and ancestral trauma, etc, the genetic 'damage', lies my own piece of the library. So actually instead of being an earth-bound human receiving codes from on high, it's quite the opposite. The codes have been stored within physical reality in the DNA and I am coming in the body to ping them back to the future/higher dimensions.

It's an upload, not a download.

This is coordinated of course, not just me working alone. I have to admit I got nervous to know it is for Atlantean tech, as there have been timelines where this was misused and created much destruction. I feel at this point the guidance has become crystal clear: It. Is. Safe. It's safe to emerge, it's safe to express, it's safe to become our full self. It's not only safe, it's TIME! It's time now to engage and connect and express what we have each been holding so that the pieces can come together and create the whole.

I feel a tremendous trust for my higher self and guides. I've come to accept the limits of my perception at this moment in time-space. Each day I dedicate all with intention: that which I try and do, all my missteps, all of what I think I know, all of what I do not know, all that I do unconsciously, all that I do consciously: I dedicate that it all be used by the most loving, powerful, wise force for the highest good of all life.

[What is the good? The harmonious blend of love, wisdom, and power. ]

This is of the utmost importance because it's no light matter that this info has and can be misused. Since my deeper awakening in 2012, the revelation of geometric form and linework in this lifetime has been throttled by the choices of my future-self. In other words, I have had to help and dedicate my future lifetimes to the good which is in service to all life. There have been timelines where I achieved a high level of knowledge and chose to misuse it. Very painful to process this and forgive and clear this. Future selves evolve in parallel with me now. Multidimensionality takes some getting used to!

I'll continue the rest in another post. Bringers Of the Dawn engaged a round of orgone investigation and experimentation that is worth writing about. And further these DNA insights also tie into the Ormus storyline, the Carbon research, and the Diamond body of meanings.

Finally, I'll be publishing this without images and links (for now). I am feeling that it needs to be 'live' for some reason even though I'd like to make it prettier and make some further corrections.

With love,


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