"Create something new every day that only you can build or create

Even if you think it's not a masterpiece, YOU made it.. And no one else on the planet can do what you did, ever.

Keep reinforcing your mastery by building or writing or painting or singing or coloring something new EVERYDAY. You'll notice a change in yourself in only a few weeks."

~Max Spiers

I LOVE that we are all perfectly unique. I mean, literally nowhere in the universe or at any other moment of time is there anyone that is like us here and now. And beyond that, each decision we make has the potential to be completely spontaneous and perfectly creative.

There are so many ways to be creative during the day; what we wear, how we prepare food, the words we speak, any novel approach to a problem calls upon our creative power. Every time we throw our hands up and exclaim 'there's got to be a better way!' we open the door for creativity.

I'm suggesting we don't wait for problems to come up and annoy us into creative solutions. Mastering creativity is about deep trust that within you is an infinite resource you can draw upon, that it is always available to you, and that it is supportive to your needs. Consider what that means: to have a source of infinity within you; endless, without limit, forever, without end.

So the way you color this week's mandala is unique to you. And unique in the entire Universe, throughout all of history! Your task is to choose colors and patterns that feel right. Use the colors you are most drawn to and when you finish, bask in the glory of your creation :)

I would love to see your colored creations. If you want to post them please tag me on instagram @mariascopic.

Lastly I am open to feedback from you on what you enjoyed, what you might like better, or any suggestions that you feel I can offer or improve upon. Send me a quick reply to this email, or through the 'contact' box here at the website.

This week's mandala has already been sent out and won't be back in it's full resolution, printable format glory. You can sign up for to receive the latest Sunday Color page here. (The Sunday Color initiative has come to an end. Join the email list for future updates and offerings!)

#SundayColor #creativeinspiration

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