"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

~Carl Jung

This week's mandala is about vision. You'll see rainbows, wings, clouds: a heavenly scene! At its core, what is heavenly is what we feel to be our ideal. It is the place and feeling of excellence, the absolute best of what we can imagine. Heaven is the place where we dare to speak our most heartfelt wish. Whether that wish goes beyond logic, defies time, or even transcends death.

This week we had a little bird visit our house. Unfortunately he arrived in the jaws of our cat. He was in shock, and wasn't able to fly. I spent the day with him feeding him and giving him water. He seemed to perk up a bit and I was hopeful he would heal. I really really (really) wanted to see him fly out the window in to the sunset. However, Mother Nature had different plans. I grievedover this little creature, amazed how he had touched my heart in so short a time!

Sometimes a habit of cynicism and being realistic can dampen the inner vision we have within. But it's important to reach this heart-space every once in a while. We understand the world is not perfect, and reality doesn't always unfold the way we want. Creating space to daydream the impossible and feeling into our heart's desire awakens us to ourselves.

This week is about allowing yourself the room to feel what brings the most joy and love to you. What makes your heart sing? If you could go beyond logic, beyond reason, what does that heart-space feel like?

I would love to see your colored creations. If you want to post them please tag me on instagram @mariascopic.

Lastly I am open to feedback from you on what you enjoyed, what you might like better, or any suggestions that you feel I can offer or improve upon. Send me a quick reply to this email, or through the 'contact' box here at the website.

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