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November 27, 2018

A balance of the left and right sides of linear thinking and non-linear analysis will be reached, where the controlling and fearful aspect of the collective mental body dissolves. The true function comes back into order with the other faculties of love and power. In this way we can reflect (imagine) more closely with a greater cosmic divine order.

November 27, 2018

I was also gifted for a few days the sacred experience of that, which is the experience of the surrendered mind. The no-mind which is fully and wholly in the present moment. That is the mind which is continually and completely in the presence of God. (God is the Divine Source; non-duality; the Unborn Wholeness).

November 20, 2018

So there you have an instance from the 700s of artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness as a goal. Although we think of alchemy as weird and archaic it actually reveals similar themes that seem to be shockingly relevant to our current time.

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